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3 Firms Dominating the Consulting Industry

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With the right organization, a career in consulting can be rewarding, stimulating, and lucrative. Compared to other career paths, consulting is one of the most flexible and varied work you’ll find—it’s in high-demand across every region and country, offers opportunities for travel and telecommuting, and covers a broad spectrum of industries and practices. But it’s key to find a company that supports your vision and serves your needs. To find the best opportunities, look to the titans spearheading the industry.

A Look at Some Top Large Consulting Firms


TTEC has more than 80 offices globally and employs about 49,500 people. They focus on IT consulting, a service that becomes even more critical with every advance in technology. TTEC offers a fast-paced, dynamic, and collaborative environment for employees. “People are warm and easy to approach,” one analyst explains. “Management is always there to listen to employees and are available to share their views and company updates…There is openness and a family-type feeling.”

At TTEC, travel and long hours take a back seat to intellectually stimulating work and professional growth. They’re poised to help companies leverage technology to engage customers, and for employees, those skills translate into future professional achievements. The TTEC Digital Team “integrates CX strategy, consulting, and technology to design, build, and operate omnichannel solutions that bring humanity to digital, cross-channel interactions.” It’s an exciting place to work and contribute; in a recent survey of current and former employees, 100% of participants said they would recommend the organization to a friend.

Boston Consulting Group

With offices in more than 90 cities in over 50 countries and more than 18,500 employees, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has a long and prestigious history dating back to 1963. Employees say there are opportunities for training, support, and professional growth, and most also find the work intellectually stimulating. The group covers a wide scope of industries, including mergers and acquisitions, social impact, sustainability, lean manufacturing, globalization, and AI. On average, employees say they travel frequently—sometimes 4 to 5 days a week—but they also enjoy flex time and the ability to work remotely.

“The culture and people of BCG are without comparison in the industry,” one manager says. “It’s simply the best place to start a career.”

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Mercer, a long-standing firm with a 70-year legacy, has a strong showing on Ivy Exec with 75 reviews from current and former employees. Headquartered in New York City, Mercer is 20,000 strong and operates worldwide. The company focuses on creating rewarding experiences for both their clients and employees with comprehensive healthcare coverage and generous retirement savings plans.

Humanity is the heart of the organization, and Mercer evaluates the long-term outlook for their actions by providing a clear vision and knowledgeable insights. Forward-looking and innovative, Mercer consistently explores new ways to serve their customers and employees, which facilitates professional development and a genuine sense of self-investment. Among the surveyed workforce, 88% say they’re proud to include Mercer on their resume.

Core Competencies of Consulting

What are the core competencies that successful consultants share? According to the Association for Talent Development, they fall into these categories:

  • Content: Knowledge related to your desired field of practice.
  • Analytics: The ability to think strategically and synthesize and report data.
  • Process: Communication, influence, and relationship-building.

Above all, top consultants will be flexible, objective, and confident.

Does this sound like you? Explore the opportunities available at these three renowned consulting firms.

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