Our Top 5 Women-Focused Articles For International Women’s Day

international women's day

For International Women’s Day 2019, we ‘Press for Progress’.

In honor and celebration of International Women’s Day, we have compiled a selection of our best, women-focused content. Starting at the top with our Founder/CEO, Elena Bajic, Ivy Exec is a proudly women-led company. Even within the relatively flat organizational structure, approximately 60% of senior roles (manager or director) are held by women. Ivy Exec’s focus on women is not only internal but is also reflected in who we choose to partner with. We actively seek out women’s voices and women-led companies, not only for business purposes but also for perspective.

The collection of content below represents some female powerhouses who have been and continue to, each in her own way, ‘Press for Progress’. Our contributors include: Subha Barry (Managing Director, Working Mother Media); Sara Conzemius (Co-Founder, Illume Advising); Gay Gaddis (CEO/Founder, T3–The Think Tank); R. Kress (Emmy Award-winning Journalist); and Debbie Millin (COO, Globalization Partners)

Top 5 Women-Focused Articles

  • Own Your Power

    • In career development, what would it look like if we walked away from our weaknesses and solely focused on developing our strengths? This article gives an alternative perspective on pushing for career progress via the unique lense of a dynamic female CEO/Founder.
  • The Importance of Recruiting and Retaining Women in Business [WEBINAR Panel Discussion]

    • Despite the recognized importance and benefit of women in the workplace, gender parity is still far from achieved. Gain perspective from 3 top, women business leaders as they discuss the challenges around and successful strategies they have used to achieve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Changing a Culture of Sexual Harassment: If you’re not helping solve the problem, you’re part of it

    • As a member of senior management, what is your responsibility in changing the culture of sexual harassment? Should you wait until you have more power or intervene now? SVP, Subha Barry, shares her learnings in that struggle & how she answers this critical question today.
  • Numbers Show Women-Led Companies Outperform Competitors

    • Hiring women to leadership positions is not just the right thing to do, it’s also good for business. Learn how women-led companies outperform competitors.
  • Want to Work Flexibly? Here are the Ground Rules

    • Though flexible working arrangements are on the rise, their availability does not necessarily translate to feasibility when it comes to accountability and career advancement. If you are considering or currently work flexibly, here are some guidelines to make working flexibly work [better] for you.

Women make up half the world’s population, yet receive less than half the attention and priority deserved. We hope the issues and perspectives shared within these articles will spark discussion and further knowledge as we lend our efforts to push for discussion and thought leadership in this area. There will be more to come from Ivy Exec.

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