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4 EMBA Programs With a Focus on Breaking into the Latin American Market

EMBA focused on latin america

As the global economy becomes more interconnected, familiarity with emerging markets can distinguish you from the competition. Although many Executive MBA programs cover similar ground – leadership, business skills, big data – not all offer the international and Latin American focus you might want.

Finding a program that can help you gain experience and expertise in the Latin American market, while still delivering the skills you need to succeed anywhere in the world can pose a challenge. Below are four dynamic Executive MBA programs that can provide a Latin American market focus.

Miami Herbert Business School Global Executive MBA

The Miami Herbert Business School’s Global Executive MBA provides cohorts with an opportunity to learn advanced business skills while building expertise in the Latin American Market.

The program’s location in Miami means cohorts have access to a local business community that includes the Latin operation headquarters for more than 1,400 multinational corporations. The 17-month program includes nine on-campus residencies that will bring you to Miami about every other month. During the residencies, cohorts work with C-suite panels and receive guidance through the Miami Business Mentoring program. The residencies present a tremendous opportunity for networking and learning from business professionals working in the Latin American market.

Courses such as Decision Making in a Global Environment, Global Strategic Marketing, and Global Strategy, provide cohorts with cross-functional perspectives in team-taught modules that provide a Latin American and global viewpoint.

The program emphasizes learning by doing through simulation, role play, and case studies. The EMBA provides an experiential learning experience that integrates a multicultural focus, providing cohorts with a truly unique and dynamic EMBA.

ASU W. P. Carey Executive MBA

The ASU W.P. Carey Executive MBA provides cohorts with an international degree experience through partnerships and study abroad opportunities.

ASU collaborates with universities around the world, including the Instituto Technologico De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey and the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico, and with the Universidad ESAN Peruvian Amazon Research Institute in Peru. The collaboration provides cohorts with a deeper understanding of the Latin American market through an EMBA class learns about latin americainformation exchanges between cohorts and faculty.

International electives also are offered with many of the partner schools. Some recent examples include Doing Business in Argentina offered through a partnership with La Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Argentina or Doing Business in Peru offered through ESAN.

The program provides cohorts with an understanding of how international leaders make decisions and their impact. This includes a capstone and an immersive summer experience in Washington, D.C., where cohorts see the intersection of public policy and the business world.

The ASU W.P. Carey Executive MBA is a great choice for those looking for an EMBA with a Latin American focus. It also incorporates public policy and its impact on the business world, providing a unique program experience.

Cornell Executive MBA Americas

The Cornell Executive MBA Americas will connect you with cohorts from throughout North and South America through an international classroom network.

The program includes remote boardrooms interconnected via videoconferencing. The boardrooms are in 20 cities in North and South America, including Lima, Peru, Santiago, Chile, Mexico City, Mexico, and Monterray, Mexico, giving students a chance to work with their Latin American peers. Teamwork plays a fundamental role as cohorts work closely with classmates to solve challenges and complete assignments. A limited number of remote learning spaces are available for those who live a substantial distance (200 miles or more) from one of the 20 boardroom locations.

As part of the curriculum, cohorts complete two major projects. One is an individual project in which cohorts explore entrepreneurship or consult with an organization. Cohorts are assigned an experienced business advisor who provides guidance throughout.

The second project is a team-based global business project that provides a real-world learning experience. Teams complete analysis of real international business issues, travel internationally, and conduct field research.

Executive Master of Global Management – Arizona Cohort

The Executive Master of Global Management program focuses on creating internationally-focused executives prepared to succeed in a world of rapid innovation.

Offered through ASU’s Thunderbird School of Global Management, the program seeks to create executives with a global mindset through courses such as Navigating Global and Regional Business Environments, Global Digital Transformation, and Big Data in the Global Economy.

The program’s international focus is a great option for students seeking to understand the Latin American market. “Thunderbird offers an international business incubator. Thunderbird’s teaching strategy allows its diverse student body to learn by experience and discussion, which I truly believe strengthens and further develops the students’ global mindsets and prepares them to face the real issues in international business,” said Ana Carrillo-Noriega of Mexico.

The degree combines advanced business skills and cross-cultural insight to create tomorrow’s global business leaders. The Executive Master of Global Management uses experiential learning opportunities, using real-world scenarios to prepare cohorts for international business success. The program uses case studies, team-based learning, and hands-on projects to give cohorts an immersive learning experience.

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