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5 EMBA Programs That Are Innovative and Progressive

innovative emba programs

In our modern, inter-connected business world, you want to find an EMBA program that reflects today’s reality. An innovative EMBA that knows how to use technology effectively is about much more than convenience. It’s about picking a program that understands our technology-driven society and can reflect that reality in their structure. Whether it’s using online learning tools or creating dynamic, experiential learning opportunities, these five programs are forward-looking, progressive EMBAs.

Future London Academy Executive Programme for Design Leaders

The Future London Academy provides a unique experience geared toward creative leaders within organizations. In fact, the program specifically calls out “boring professors” and “outdated” business knowledge, promising a modern, progressive approach.

The Future London Academy’s founding committee includes tech-savvy creative leaders such as Joanna Peña-Bickley, head of research and design for Alexa devices at Amazon, and Charly Lester, co-founder of Lumen.

The program takes the approach that future business leaders will be product designers, creative visionaries, and innovators with at least 15 years of experience. It specifically targets Heads of UX, Design Directors, and Creative Directors, providing a problem meant to help them take their career to the next level.

The program uses the David Kolb Learning style model and combines business knowledge with course modules on new technologies, design techniques, and innovation management. The program also skews the weekend learning structure of many MBA programs, instead opting for an intensive 9-week program with cohorts in London for two weeks every 3 months. The result is an innovative and progressive program for creative leaders.

SP Jain Executive MBA – Dubai

The SP Jain Executive MBA is a great choice for those looking for an EMBA program with an online element. SP uses state-of-the-art technology in delivering its Engaged Learning Online platform, allowing students to log in from anywhere in the world and enjoy a classroom experience. Unlike some online education experiences, SP Jain emphasizes engagement, connecting cohorts with peers and faculty.

This 18-month, part-time program is designed to expand cohorts leadership skill set, develop strong decision-making ability, and position you as a change agent for large and small organizations. The program offers an in-person learning option located in the economic hub of Dubai. The program also offers an innovative blended learning format allowing students to combine face-to-face learning with online elements.

The program has several tracks for those interested in startups, including electives in New Ventures and a specialization in Entrepreneurship. The program also incorporates the Executive Career Acceleration Program (ECAP) into its core, emphasizing soft skills.

SP Jain is a program that is not afraid to integrate modern technology into its program structure, delivering a program that can fit into any busy schedule while providing a high-level EMBA.

Auburn Executive MBA

This 21-month program combines distance learning with five on-campus residencies, allowing cohorts to bond with classmates while having a schedule that works for them.

Auburn has been a pioneer in the use of technology and educational media. The online classroom technology has students working together in teams, participating in classroom discussions, and connecting with professors and fellow cohorts.

Cohorts begin with foundational courses in accounting, economics, marketing, finance, and statistics. Where the program shines is in the electives and concentrations that can be chosen. Cohorts can focus their EMBA experience on Healthcare, Leadership, and Operations:

  • Healthcare – Cohorts take courses with Physicians Executive MBA students and visit Washington, D.C., to study healthcare policy creation.
  • Leadership – Elective tackle topics such as global finance and international business law.
  • Operations – Course cover quality management, project management, and supply chain management. Cohorts earn a 6-Sigma Green Belt in Quality.

A dynamic, forward-looking program that makes full use of technology and progressive educational concepts.

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management Executive MBA

Cornell’s Executive MBA provides remote learners with connected boardrooms located in 20 cities throughout North and South America. Cohorts attend classes live, through videoconferencing, as well as attending in-person classes.

progressive emba programCohorts also participate in four residential sessions that feature intense in-person learning and a chance to build relationships and networking opportunities with peers.

One of the most dynamic elements of the program is two in-depth projects that promote experiential learning. The New Venture or Consulting Project is an individual requirement. Cohorts get two choose whether to explore being a new business owner or working as a consultant with the organization of their choice. Advisors oversee the projects and provide assistance and guidance.

The other project – Global Business – is team-based. Cohorts and their classmates analyze an international business issue, travel to locations, and complete on-the-ground research.

The Cornell EMBA Americas program combines distance learning with unique, exciting in-person learning experiences to deliver an innovative experience.

Pepperdine University Graziadio Executive MBA

Pepperdine University provides cohorts with a learning community punctuated by teamwork, research projects, and immersive workshops. The Pepperdine EMBA provides cohorts with a high-level management learning experience and a chance to engage with peers in a way that expands leadership skills.

The program begins with a four-day executive workshop that provides a high-level view of the EMBA program. Cohorts get to build face-to-face relationships with faculty and introduce them to the EMBA learning community. Cohorts are encouraged to learn from themselves and others, evaluate their own strengths, and build team skills.

The experiential learning elements of the program include the Applied Research and Strategic Management Capstone. Cohorts complete a project each trimester, with the final project involving the creation of a business strategy. Another innovative element of the program is the Business Management Simulation. Students create a strategic plan ahead of the simulation and then see how it performs and the consequences of their decisions.

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