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5 Reasons Why Starting Your EMBA Now is a Smart Career Move

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An Executive MBA is an excellent way to create a path between where you are in your professional life, and where you want to be. The ongoing pandemic may have some doubting whether now is the right time to start an EMBA, but in truth the pandemic has itself inadvertently created an environment where there has never been a better time to start an EMBA.

As different business schools adapt to a mix of both in-class and online learning, it’s become clear that there are actually many advantages to this hybrid model. In particular, as travel and health concerns remain obstacles for many, flexible courses enable students to pursue their EMBA studies from anywhere in the world. HEC Paris is one school which has successfully adapted its program to both welcome students on campus, and create an interactive online experience for those who can’t attend in person alongside their classmates. Business schools have invested a significant amount of effort into creating a seamless experience for in-person and online attendees. We’ve outlined how the current set-up has created the perfect environment for you to consider joining an EMBA program now.

5 Reasons to Start an EMBA This Year

1. Increased flexibility.

Now that many have been working from home for months, proving that they are able to stay productive and make an impact outside of conventional office settings and hours, there’s a good chance your boss will be more flexible than ever before if you need to adapt your working hours to fit an EMBA. As long as you are able to be present for important meetings and you are capable of completing your daily work, then remote work provides a lot more flexibility for most people throughout the day to pursue additional interests.

While many EMBA programs have resumed on-campus learning, a number of Executive MBAs such as HEC Paris have adapted their courses to include remote learning, for those who can’t be on campus. This offers a unique opportunity to take some of the classes online if you wish, or are hindered by current travel restrictions.

This flexibility will make it more manageable to balance the study requirements for an EMBA against your workload.

2. A lull in the job market is the ideal time for self-improvement.

If you are now unemployed as a result of COVID-19, you might be facing some new challenges against finding new employment or direction in your career.

While the job market might be tougher than usual, this is actually an ideal time to work on improving your qualifications as a candidate in anticipation of when the economy normalizes. Seizing this opportunity to complete your EMBA can elevate your position against other candidates once you are ready to search for a new job. In a more competitive market, an EMBA offers you a distinct edge.

3. Participating in an EMBA grows your network.

Quarantine and social distancing have impacted every professional’s ability to network exactly at the time when networks are virtual meetingmore crucial than ever. It’s simply harder these days to meet new people and to connect with resources that could help you build your career path, but this does not diminish the fact that networking still has a very important role in shaping your career.

Fortunately, an EMBA is a smart way to expand your network and to connect with other like-minded professionals, both in the classroom and remotely. You’ll be embedded in a group of top-tier professionals who you’ll connect with through shared experiences and who will see your work, and your potential first hand. In addition to new peer networks, EMBAs open the door to prestigious alumni networks which are valuable for mapping your career path and opening yourself up to new opportunities.

4. Demonstrate your motivation to succeed.

People who are constantly learning, enhancing their skills, and working on their personal development are often the ones who achieve the greatest success in their careers. Not only does the practice of self-improvement create a stronger career, it also makes it clear to others that you are committed to personal and professional growth.

An EMBA is a perfect symbol for the kind of self-driven motivation that many employers and recruiters are seeking in a candidate. It proves that you have initiative and that you are actively seeking ways to increase the potential of your career.

In a highly-competitive job market, this can be a distinguishing factor that puts you ahead of other candidates.

5. Goals are the best form of distraction.

These past few months have been mentally and emotionally challenging for everyone and can be a challenge to hold onto a positive mindset amidst the current pandemic.

It’s important to stay personally motivated despite everything else, and an EMBA is a good way to provide a little light at the end of the tunnel. The pandemic will eventually pass, but your career still has many more milestones ahead of it, so it’s important to maintain some upward trajectory for yourself by working on self-improvement.

Even if it’s hard to see where your career path is taking you, setting up goals like an EMBA for yourself will help keep you moving along in a positive direction.

Career Growth Requires Planning

Career growth requires careful planning, hard work, and dedication to find meaning and success.

For professionals who see a gap between where they are, the track they are on, and where they would like to go, an EMBA can provide a much-needed bridge. By demonstrating and fulfilling your commitment to learning, growth, and development, not only will you become a more competitive professional, you’ll set yourself apart as a leader.

Just because it seems like the world is “on pause”, this doesn’t mean that you should put your career on hold either.

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