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Acquis Consulting Group Builds a World-Class Culture

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When it comes to success, Acquis Consulting Group believes in two things: a fool-proof strategy and mindful execution. The New York-based enterprise serves clients across the world, with additional hubs in San Francisco, Boston, London, Frankfurt, and Pune. 

The company offers its expertise to clients across a broad range of verticals. With each partnership, consultants aim to garner an in-depth understanding of each company’s strengths, aspirations, trigger points, and future plans. With this understanding, they help devise an approach that suits the unique parameters of their needs. These strategies span the reach of numerous channels, including digital transformation and customer service, post-merger integration, technology solutions, analytics and reporting, process engineering, and program and project management. 

Focusing on People First

To do this, Acquis first looks inward at its own processes. Their starting point is focused on ensuring a “people-first” culture, a mantra that doesn’t just apply to their partners. The company believes in order to provide the best results, you need to have the best team. As such, they strive to give their employees the resources, encouragement, and environment to support their success.

They practice this promise every day—it’s embedded into the company culture. For example, Acquis Consulting Group hosts “town hall”-style meetings, educational lunches, mentorships, and training programs to facilitate professional development and growth. Because they value their employees’ well-being, they also provide a quiet spaces for people to recharge throughout the day. Among Ivy Exec members, employees rated the company a 4.6 out of 5 when it comes to having opportunities to learn and grow professionally. 

Creating an Environment of Advancing Together

ConsultingThe company’s primary goal behind all these offerings is to implement a “teach by example” approach. David Kaufman, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Acquis, believes consultants who experience the benefit of a “people-first” mentality firsthand are more likely to give their clients their all.

“At a base level, we try to make the place enjoyable and instructive,” he says. “Events like quarterly town halls and lunch-and-learns are all designed to support our employees.” Being part of an organization that recognizes the human side of business helps employees look at their clients not just as projects, but as people like them who have problems that need to be solved. This unique perspective creates a personal sense of commitment within each employee to take on every case with as much vigor and enthusiasm as possible.

Team members are also more likely to dedicate their time, energy, and resources to understanding the unique needs of their clients when they’re immersed in a company culture that does the same for them. Employees are often given the flexibility to work reasonable hours and minimize travel—about 60% of employees reported not traveling at all in a typical week, while roughly 88% reported working around 40-50 hours. That’s because Acquis understands employees do their best when they have a healthy work-life balance, and the company doesn’t push employees beyond reasonable expectations.

The result is a team who’s willing to go the extra mile to garner effective outcomes—not because it’s required of them, but because they feel a personal sense of loyalty and commitment to their clients. “The clients really feel the difference in our culture very quickly as our team gets engaged,” says Kaufman. “They can tell our people are happy to be there, enjoy working with each other, and enjoy helping the clients succeed.”

Utilizing a “Think + Do” Mentality

This commitment to work-life balance also gives employees the energy and resources needed to achieve the company’s mantra: “Think + Do.” “Our clients come to us to mitigate resource waste and access strategies that are efficient, thoughtful, creative, personalized, and effective,” says Kaufman. This kind of brain power doesn’t come easily—it requires effort, research, understanding, and mindfulness. The company culture at Acquis directly focuses on promoting these skills by empowering its team. Consultants walk into work every day feeling inspired and motivated because they know they’re part of an organization that values the contributions they make.

Consulting is a rewarding job that encourages strategic thinking, creativity, connection, and knowledge. When you combine these skills with a company like Acquis that prioritizes your professional and personal growth, you’ll develop a career path that’s rewarding and complements your life goals. 

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