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4 EMBA Programs With an Economics and Financial Fluency Focus

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While executive roles require knowledge of global markets and people management, a masterful understanding of economic and financial data, trends, and logistics is an essential part of an executive’s career. An EMBA degree can be an critical tool to grow and advance up the management ladder. If you’re searching for a program with an emphasis on economics and financial fluency, the following schools offer competitive degree programs that are tailored to prospective students looking for a financial edge. From team-centered learning environments to more innovative courses, these schools have much in common, but with unique curriculum and educational opportunities.

Rutgers Executive MBA

A school’s focus should be in its offerings, but you can’t dismiss location, either; located in Newark, New Jersey, Rutgers is minutes from New York City and Wall Street, with countless links to corporations looking for executive talent. Even if you don’t plan to remain in or relocate to New York, using the time at Rutgers is a prime opportunity to gain valuable network connections and see firsthand the variety of companies out there, especially if you’re looking for a career with a different organization.

Their EMBA degree is a twenty month program, with every semester offering core concentration in subjects such as economic and statistical analysis, financial strategies, and financial analysis. This variety creates a full circle of monetary knowledge, from strict data analysis to different methods of approaching numerical data. Combined with domestic and international studies, and courses in management fields, graduates will leave Rutgers with an economic background that will be attractive and essential to new employers, as well as skill sets for consistent advancement through a management hierarchy.

Pepperdine University Graziadio Executive MBA

The nineteen month Pepperdine University EMBA program places emphasis on research, with courses in economic topics such as quantitative analysis, information systems, and dedicated research project credits in economics and finance. As part of the curriculum, all EMBA students have the opportunity to travel overseas, to engage with international businesses for a completely well-rounded experience.

Unique to other EMBA programs, Pepperdine offers executive coaching and mentoring alongside the normal faculty-student relationship, ensuring guidance and communication in all aspects of the program. This framework creates a wider professional community, and gives students different points of view beyond their faculty and cohort.  If you’re unsure if your field would benefit from an EMBA degree, their past cohorts come from businesses ranging from fashion, banking, and contracting for the United States military. Today’s businesses cover a wide range of offerings and options, and Pepperdine takes care to emphasize the diverse backgrounds and futures of their student body.

MSU Broad School of Business EMBA

With high nationwide rankings and flexible scheduling (traditional and flex courses), the Broad MBA places consistently within international and domestic lists for EMBA options. With an emphasis on team-building and study, the Broad EMBA focuses on collaboration, similar to executive teams in company settings outside academia.

finance professionalThe available courses combine leadership applications alongside a strong core of economic and financial classes. The subjects include (but are not limited to): corporate finance, managerial accounting, and financial analysis. Along with courses devoted to critical executive thinking and global markets, Broad EMBA students receive a balanced education that combines data and strategy.

No matter where the executives end up after, Michigan finance and automotive corporations seek out Broad EMBA graduates. As well-recognized and esteemed as coastal programs are, the Midwest offers many opportunities for growth and executive advancement, especially within a rapidly changing global marketplace. Even if you don’t plan to start a career in the Midwest, the networking opportunities among Broad students and local/nationwide corporations are valuable tools as you earn your degree.

Saint Mary’s College Executive MBA

Based in California, Saint Mary’s College EMBA gives students two options: traditional or global executive programs. No matter which concentration is best for you, the economic and financial courses are wide-ranging and cohesive.

The courses emphasize entrepreneurial logistics, financing, and business accounting analytics. From data to venture capital, students will acquire a complete knowledge of economic and financial trends to strengthen their executive potential.

A unique aspect of the Saint Mary’s College EMBA is the courses in Creativity and Innovation and Data Visualization and Story Telling. These classes take concrete subjects and apply them in more creative ways for new modes of study. By approaching executive work from an emphasis on innovation and communication, students can break out of the typical classroom routine, learn vital information, and process it in dynamic ways. These courses break the mold, and remind students that, even while climbing the corporate ladder, it’s important to maintain a sense of excitement and explore new modes of thought and information-processing. Saint Mary’s balances “expected” executive MBA courses with these new offerings, and shows how humanities-based education can be an essential tool to studying economic and business-based subjects.

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