Optimize Your Remote Communications Using Zoom

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has emerged as the go-to platform for remote business meetings and for managing remote teams.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has emerged as the go-to platform for remote business meetings and for managing remote teams.

While there are many competing and even comparable video-conferencing platform, there are features that only Zoom offers that make it ideal for the current remote landscape. Zoom’s unique feature set provides professionals a more intuitive and in-depth experience when compared to other platforms – but only if you know how to use it. Let’s take a look.

Background Messaging

Zoom gives its users a choice of many virtual backgrounds. This is a great feature for individuals who may not have a business-hours-worthy setup with perfect lighting just waiting at the house. Keep in mind that the background you choose reflects on your professionalism. You do not want anything that could be distracting or appear juvenile, so if you hold casual conversations on Zoom, make sure you have a different template for your business outreach.

If you choose not to use the virtual background, optimize the background you have. Don’t sit in front of a window in the morning, as the light will distract away from your presentation. If you don’t have an especially nice section of your home that will serve as a background, you can sit in front of a neutral color wall with a single piece of art to the side.

High Definition Video

Zoom has been dominating the business video-conferencing market particularly because its optimized video streaming infrastructure provides high-def video with multiple people streaming. Other platforms are playing catch up, losing fidelity or introducing lag as more people join the conversation. This allows participants to engage each other in a more personal way. You can more easily read people’s reactions to gauge whether you are holding their attention or not.

The extremely clear video allows you to make a sort-of virtual “eye contact” to accentuate your delivery. You can also make note of microexpressions and non-verbal cues that would otherwise be impossible to see. If these nuances have been lacking on the platform you currently use, you may consider switching.

Asset Sharing

Zoom is the only video-conferencing platform that allows sharing of video with native audio. If you’re nervous about a presentation, you can pre-record it and simply present it through the platform. If your presentation is ready but could be bolstered with a few prepared assets, you can also share your mobile screen. This is another feature currently unique to Zoom, and one widely appreciated by app developers with applications that are meant specifically for mobile phones.

Company Branding

Because of Coronavirus, many opportune business networking events have been moved to a virtual space. If you are presenting at a remote conference, holding intercompany meetings or presenting during a competitive pitch, you can really ramp up your impression with company branding features. You will need an Education, API or Business Zoom plan to utilize the vanity URL, email invitation template and custom page options that will help to brand you as a true pro even if you are not meeting in person.


Woman working at homeZoom makes it easier to keep remote business meetings engaging with co-annotation feature that allows all participants to mark up on the feed simultaneously. If you have someone on stream who needs to be in control, or you are conducting a dual presentation remotely, you can hand over full rights to your screen to any participant at any time. Not only that, but Zoom annotations are much more in-depth than the majority of video com platforms, including arrows, lines, a pen and highlighter.

A Nimble Program That Keeps Companies Running

Zoom represents a huge step forward in remote business communications, increasing both cost and time efficiency. Its feature set provides users the ability to connect in ways that were not possible in previous remote communication platforms. If you are looking for business continuity regardless of location, and you want to be on the cutting edge of what future business will look like, it behooves you to learn this platform and what it can do.

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