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What a Professional Resume Writer Does For Your Job Search

Meeting with a professional resume writer

Getting noticed in today’s hiring climate is a challenge, even for standout candidates.

Whether you’re just beginning your job search or you’re evaluating how to get better results, you’ve probably considered hiring a resume writer. Of course, it’s natural to wonder why you should hire a writer when there are plenty of free templates available online.

The answer boils down to three vital elements: personalization, expertise, and optimization.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

Ivy Exec’s Executive Career Coaches are seasoned resume writers who stay abreast of hiring trends and technology. They also maintain familiarity with different industry standards and expectations. When you work with a resume writer, you get a level of personalized and high-quality service that an online template simply can’t match.

Here are the top 5 benefits of working with a professional resume writer in the course of your job search.

1. Results-oriented resume formatting

A professional resume writer will be familiar with the modern hiring manager’s basic expectations of resumes, as well as with the technology that is used to parse applications.

By combining this knowledge with an understanding of your specific industry’s standards, a resume writer is able to strategically format your resume for optimal results. This may affect where your education and skills are placed on the document, or be a matter of making sure that there are no layout snags that will keep an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) from correctly processing the information on your resume.

The specific formatting conventions and best practices will depend on your target job and industry. By optimizing the format of your resume for both its human and machine readers, a resume writer helps ensure that your resume is never discarded for its format alone – something that happens often when hundreds of resumes are being considered.

2. Keyword optimization for ATS

Speaking of optimization, an ATS doesn’t simply process and file your resume with other candidates, it actually parses the content and identifies potential candidates.

For this reason, ensuring that you resume is keyword optimized is crucial for making it past the first screening phase. It’s not enough to simply repeat back the words in the job posting, you need to consider industry trends and the company’s unique needs.

A resume writer will have the expertise to ensure that the keyword optimization is ideal while remaining subtle. Simply packing your resume with keywords will hurt you later in the process when a human takes a look and sees that the content and flow of your resume is stilted and strange.

3. Presents you correctly for your target jobs and industry

At different points in your career trajectory, it will serve you to highlight different aspects of your work history, achievements, passions, and potential.

A professional resume writer will conduct a holistic assessment of your target jobs and industry as well as your history in order to ensure that your resume positions you correctly for those roles. Sometimes this relates to the formatting and layout of your resume, sometimes this connects to the specific language used to emphasize your qualifications.

A resume writer will be able to identify the key differences that can hurt, or hold you back and make sure that you’re presenting yourself appropriately.

4. Tells your story

A resume is not just a list of duties and accomplishments, it’s the story of who you are professionally and how you can contribute to your target company’s success.

You may be excellent in your work, but most people are not professional writers. In fact, many who try to tell their story through their resume struggle to do so coherently and elegantly.

A professional resume writer will create a resume that carries a clear message of your superb candidacy throughout the document. They will also help to make sure that the document is consistent without being repetitive. This will make it easy for hiring managers to quickly understand your value and your potential contributions.

5. Focuses On Your Impact

The biggest mistake most job seekers make is using their resume to list their duties and responsibilities.

However, this doesn’t tell a potential employer whether or not you were successful in those roles – nor what you’ll do for them. A resume writer works with you to ensure that your accomplishments are clear and quantified.

Whether you’re highlighting your soft skills such as leadership and communication, or you’re a numbers-driven data professional, a resume writer makes sure that your achievements are front and center so that hiring managers will be eager to know more about what you can bring to their organization.

You have something unique to offer, and your resume should reflect that. Because working with a resume writers is collaborative, they’ll take your personal goals on board when crafting your resume to make sure that it never reads like a generic template.

Wherever you are in your career, and on your job search journey, a resume writer can help you streamline your application process, increase the amount of interviews you get, and help you land a better job, faster.

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