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These 4 Companies are Hiring Now

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Hiring is down and many are concerned about a dearth of job opportunities, but we are still diligently at work to ensure that our curated job board continues to offer a wealth of options for professionals. In fact, we’ve found that for professionals with the right experience, and the right attitude, there are still plenty of opportunities to be found and excellent companies that are hiring now. That’s why we’ve rounded up four companies with at least 20 open positions listed across a variety of departments and fields. Each of these featured companies also have extensive employee reviews and a full Ivy Exec profile so that you can find the best match for your skills and goals.

These Companies Are Hiring Now

Decision Resources Group

Decision Resources Group is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts but they have offices in six countries. They are a global information and technology services company that serves the full spectrum of the healthcare industry. From biopharmaceutical companies to medical technology solutions, DRG provides their customers with sophisticated end-to-end solutions to solve some of healthcare’s most complex challenges. When it comes to employee satisfaction, 95% of surveyed employees said they would recommend working at DRG to a friend. They also report that the work is intellectually stimulating and that the environment is friendly and collaborative.

DRG currently has dozens of job openings including in software development, account management, consulting, business development, writing and more. Jobs are located across the US and around the world.

PA Consulting

With over 2,600 employees across 20 global offices, PA Consulting is a dynamic firm offering a diverse array of clients personalized solutions. They encourage out-of-the-box thinking and innovative new job at a company hiring nowsolutions to solve challenging problems in technology, management, and IT. Employees at PA Consulting rave about the firm’s supportive yet fast-paced culture where creative thinking is celebrated and employees are appreciated. Employees also report that they believe in and feel confident in the firm’s leadership and direction – an especially important element in today’s shaky world.

With over 50 job openings at this time, there is room for a wide variety of professionals to find their place at PA Consulting as they are still hiring now at a strong pace. Open positions range from Data Science to Economists. Of course, as a consulting firm, the majority of open positions are for consultants across a variety of fields and industries.


Highly rated for prestige, intellectually stimulating work, and room for growth, Mercer is a powerhouse of professional opportunities. Headquartered in NYC but with over 20,000 employees in 40 countries, Mercer is a global leader in consulting. Furthermore, as a 70 year old business this company offers a level of institutional stability that is reassuring these days in particular. With a focus on innovative solutions for global health, wealth, and talent problems, Mercer uses high-level analysis and insights to create sustainable changes that secure positive outcomes for their clients.

With so many offices and teams around the world, Mercer’s job opportunities are plentiful and constantly refreshing, so be sure to keep an eye on their page even if you don’t see a match right now. Open positions range from consulting in various industries such as government and healthcare, to sales, investment, and software development.


Formerly called Teletech, TTEC offers  an inclusive and dynamic workplace for professionals from different backgrounds and with different experiences. A truly global company, TTEC has offices on six continents and a worldwide community of more than 49,000 employees. This means there are not only many opportunities, but there is always room to grow and develop. Finally, TTEC is highly rated by its employees, as they report the work is intellectually stimulating, and the environment supports professional growth. TTEC headquarters are located in Englewood, Colorado but offices and openings span the globe.

TTEC focuses on helping their clients offer an exceptional customer experience. Roles for which they are hiring now are abundant due to the size of the company and their worldwide spread. Open positions include telecommunications engineers, sales executives, data architects, and operations roles.

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