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A Career Impact Investment at Wharton

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As a prospective Executive MBA student, many factors will go into your program choice, including time commitments, costs, and other factors. However, at the forefront of any EMBA consideration should be career impact. You want your EMBA experience to have immediate and long-lasting benefits, and the Wharton EMBA can provide both in equal measure. From name recognition to storied alumnae, the Wharton EMBA experience is prestigious, but here are tangible reasons why your career will flourish with a Wharton degree.

High Marks Across the Board

The numbers don’t lie: the Wharton EMBA is globally ranked in various measures, and one of those rankings is career advancement. The time and financial commitment requires careful planning and logistics, but the career impact of the education is immediate. As a Wharton EMBA student, you will immediately apply your studies to your career as you balance work and education. What you learn even before completing the program can be instantly applied to your current executive role.

The program itself is an investment, one that pays long-lasting dividends. Whether you sponsor yourself, or are sponsored by your employer, the return on investment will be beneficial for years. The Wharton EMBA will increase your earning potential, and give you the tools to flourish, in an existing role, in a new role, or in entrepreneurial development.

A Balanced Education

Wharton’s reputation is based on finance and data, with years of respect based on its financial education. However, this is just one part of its esteem. The EMBA program includes courses and studies in both finance and social awareness, creating a valuable blend of numbers and an understanding of today’s modern business world. Executives with a Wharton EMBA lead the business world with an impressive toolkit, able to master business development and progress in an increasingly global and socially responsible world.

Global Collaboration

The Wharton EMBA prides itself on an intense curriculum modeled with collaboration in mind. Education and business are not successful in isolated bubbles, and the program strives to make students learn and succeed together. The coursework also focuses on the global economy. Through a required global course and elective global modular courses, students study business practices in other nations around the globe. With courses in finance, leadership, and modern business logistics, the Wharton EMBA prepares students to work and grow with diverse peers from a multitude of industries.

A Valuable Network

With more than 100,000 Wharton alumni applying their knowledge in various business fields, the program gives you valuable access to its rich network. Whether your goal is to strengthen your existing executive role, or move into new fields, having the Wharton name and education opens doors, both for yourself and your business. As your executive role grows and changes along with how business is done, being able to access the Wharton network makes for valuable connections, professional growth, and an education with far-reaching brand recognition.

Student Testimonials

An EMBA program can extol its benefits and appeal, but hearing from students and alumni firsthand truly highlights Wharton’s reputation.  Previous students acknowledge the immersive and collaborative benefits of the Wharton program, and show how, even without being full-time students and balancing life and work, the networks grow right away with one’s peers. The renowned education, the community, and the emphasis on global economies are hallmarks of the Wharton experience.

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Wharton MBA for Executives at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania combines theory and practice with an industry perspective to deliver in-depth knowledge for immediate impact.