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A Physicians Executive MBA Supports a Healthier Practice

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An EMBA, much like executive roles in different fields, is not a “one size fits all” education. Prospective students need to weigh various questions as they consider further studies, especially when analyzing their current executive role and how various EMBA programs can be tailored to their expertise. The medical field is its own unique area, and one that can easily be lost in the shuffle in EMBA circles, especially when medical studies are so specialized and separate from other businesses. But once a physician is established in their role, an EMBA can expand one’s knowledge and grasp of medicine and healthcare as an area in need of specialized leadership. An Auburn Physicians EMBA, which is open exclusively to MD’s and DO’s, is tailored to physicians looking to strengthen their roles, earning potential, and skills in a rapidly changing, pandemic-tinged world.

Why Auburn?

The numbers don’t lie: an Auburn EMBA is regionally ranked for curriculum, balancing an existing executive career and education, and a fantastic return on investment for future earnings, with a competitive tuition rate. Students are able to balance their current executive roles with distance learning and manageable on-campus time requirements. This applies to EMBA students across all fields, and the Physicians EMBA focus digs deeper into medical leadership’s challenges and nuances.

Benefits of the Physicians EMBA

As a medical professional, you’re already in an important role, especially during a pandemic. However, you might be considering new avenues to navigate the challenges of the medical field, or you may want to move on to a role that’s more aligned to leadership and decision-making. Perhaps you have a private practice that you’re looking to grow.

The Auburn program allows you to blend your current work, distance learning, and domestic/global experience trips, in addition to the time spent on campus. Past students have remarked on Auburn’s blend of in-person and digital education, and acknowledge that even medical professionals sometimes need to expand their knowledge. A physician may know the ins and outs of their medical specialties, but might not know a lot about the logistics, decision-making, and management side of healthcare. The Physicians EMBA allows students to take their current medical education and expand it to the business and executive sides of a quickly changing world.

Building Well-Rounded Doctors

COVID-19 has reinforced how valuable medical professionals are, but has also highlighted just how necessary a wide skill set is; having knowledge of the medical field from all angles will make PEMBA graduates that much more valuable and attractive to their current hospitals and companies, or give them the tools to grow in new roles and new environments.

The Auburn Physicians EMBA uses domestic and overseas programs to educate students on healthcare practices in both the United States and abroad, to learn how medical leadership is done in different areas, allowing them to apply new ideas to current healthcare systems. This isn’t exclusive to our pandemic world, although knowing how to navigate medical choices and executive healthcare leadership is an excellent combination to have.

Developing the Future of Healthcare

Even after the pandemic, the education received at Auburn PEMBA will allow physicians to implement new modes of leadership and decisions, strengthening even the most well-run medical facilities. And, if the pandemic can have a silver lining, mastering medicine from all points of view will make for extremely sought-after candidates who can lead in both normal health environments and can be looked upon to lead and manage in any future crises or obstacles that may appear in either public health or medical leadership.

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