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How One EMBA Brings Global Knowledge and Networks to Future Leaders

ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has given many employees time to review their current professional status and future career trajectory. The dynamic changes to how companies operate are also likely to create exciting new opportunities that the most prepared professionals can seize to advance their workplace skills and earning potential.

However, how do you set yourself apart from your peers in an increasingly competitive marketplace? Companies are always on the lookout for top leadership talent, and you need to show them why you are the person to take their business to the next level.

Alternatively, you may be ready to use your skills and experience to set up your own business and live your dream lifestyle.

This is when you can benefit from the Executive MBA program from the renowned ESSEC and Mannheim business schools.

Why ESSEC and Mannheim Executive MBA?

The ESSEC and Mannheim schools have a combined 100 years+ in the business education sector, with both having achieved prestigious triple-crown accreditation. Moreover, with campus locations in eminent business hubs such as Singapore, Paris, and Cergy, students have the opportunity to gain a fully rounded global educational experience.

These schools are synonymous with developing business leaders who control the fortunes of market-leading companies around the world.

For example, Mona Abraham of the global Yazaki Corporation specializing in automotive parts supply, states this course “ended up transforming me and changed my approach to management. I now act more like a coach that supports my teams in their growth”.

Benefits of the ESSEC and Mannheim EMBA

The value of any Executive MBA program is intrinsically linked to how it relates to you as an individual, rather than a generic course that expects students to conform to a set format. This is where the ESSEC and Mannheim EMBA excels and rises above its peers.

Understand and increase your workplace value.

The first step to becoming the professional you want to be is understanding where you are right now. By focusing on self-reflection, the course conveners help you identify weaknesses in your current strategies and encourage you to learn new and innovative leadership methodologies.

You will also master critical elements such as corporate finance, marketing management, and economic analysis, gaining a 360-degree view of business, and making you a valuable asset to any company.

Develop your leadership skills.

Becoming a leader includes, but is also about much more, than honing your personal skillset. You need to understand how teams can operate at maximum efficiency, how you can make staff feel valued, and the most effective way to deal with internal issues.

Therefore, modern leadership requires excellent interpersonal skills combined with professional objectivity that few people manage to combine in a manner that provides stability to their team.

This is one of the core factors you will learn and develop on the ESSEC and Mannheim Executive MBA. Through participating in team-building exercises and group coaching, you can determine the best way to support your teams in a range of challenging situations.

Become an entrepreneur.

If running your own business is the next step in your career, you can benefit from taking immersion models in Paris, Mannheim, or Singapore with prominent educators that encourage you to embrace entrepreneurial thinking. You’ll learn about aspects such as digital business and markets and innovation to prepare you for owning your own company in the modern world.

Rather than leaping unsupported towards this vital stage in your professional development, you can learn from experts that lend real-life insights and learned skills to transition smoothly towards your next goal.

Establish lifelong relationships.

While businesses continue to evolve and vary rapidly, there is no change in the importance of personal relationships in the professional environment. During this course, you’ll meet with like-minded peers and industry leaders, making connections with distinguished specialists in various sectors. When you join the ESSEC & Mannheim program, you benefit from a combined alumni network of more than 75,000 graduates globally as well as the program’s 3,500 business partners.

These relationships do not end at the conclusion of the course, staying available to you for the duration of your career.

Should You Enroll?

The ESSEC and Mannheim MBA program is not for everyone. You must be committed to rapid, ongoing professional development and reaching the pinnacle of your industry to get the most from your 18 month course experience.

However, if you are ready to delve deeply into your professional potential, take your skills beyond the levels of the majority of your contemporaries, and become an industry leader, then you can benefit from joining an exceptional Executive MBA cohort.

ESSEC & Mannheim expert educators take pride in helping students reach their maximum potential, and you may surprise yourself when you learn just how valuable you really are to an employer or as a successful business owner.

Join the ESSEC and Mannheim EMBA Program

Taking the opportunity to continue your personal development and advance your career can be an exciting step that opens new doors on your professional journey. By enrolling in the ESSEC and Mannheim EMBA, you are gaining access to the knowledge and expertise of industry professionals while simultaneously gaining new skills and illustrious connections.

Enhance your resume and take your career to the next level by joining the ESSEC and Mannheim Executive MBA.

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Founded in 1907, ESSEC is one of the world’s top management schools and holds the “triple crown” accreditation from EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. With 6,660 students; a faculty comprised of 163 full-time professors, 19 of which are emeritus professors, in France and Singapore, recognized for both the quality and influence of their research; a wide range of management training programs; partnerships with the world’s best universities; and a network of 60,000 alumni, ESSEC continues to foster a tradition of academic excellence and a spirit of openness in the fields of economics, social sciences and innovation. In 2005, ESSEC opened a campus in Asia, ESSEC Asia-Pacific. ESSEC’s operations in Asia Pacific, strategically located in Singapore, present the perfect foothold for ESSEC to be part of the vibrant growth in Asia and to bring its expertise to the expanding region. Additionally, in 2017 ESSEC opened a new campus in Rabat, Morocco, ESSEC Africa. ESSEC’s international expansion allows students and professors to study and understand the economic forces at work in the different regions of the world. For any additional information, please visit www.essec.edu.