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There is no doubt that businesses across the globe have had to adapt and restructure during a time of unprecedented crisis. The Covid pandemic has highlighted the importance of leadership and resilience when both consumers and companies have experienced severe financial disruption.

The sudden impact of the Covid pandemic has also shown businesses just how quickly their operational effectiveness and revenue-raising abilities could suffer if there were other unrelated catastrophes.

Therefore, it is increasingly clear that businesses need experienced management personnel to guide them through these turbulent times. It seems inevitable companies will be hiring best-in-class professionals to ensure they are protected during times of excessive strain, while continuing to grow their market share.

However, how do you show your employer, or recruiters, that you are the executive-level professional that can meet their needs?

One of the best ways to improve your resume and hone your management skills is to study an Executive MBA.

How an EMBA Expands Your Skillset

There are a plethora of excellent employees that thrive in their company when business is going well. However, you need additional skills and knowledge to be a valuable asset when times are tough. When you enroll in a world-class Executive MBA (EMBA) course, you’ll receive tutoring from global company leaders and renowned industry experts. These professionals provide you with the knowledge and tools to stay focused during demanding periods when circumstances may overwhelm your colleagues. Because you can continue with your career while studying for an EMBA, you can immediately apply your knowledge to real-world experiences, displaying your leadership aptitude to employers.

It is important not to wait for a crisis to occur before you use your EMBA skills to solidify your employer’s market position. You can prove your value instantly by helping them to prepare for future troubled times.

How do you learn resilience?

The critical factor is to undertake your EMBA with business schools and universities with a proven track record. Studying an EMBA is an investment in yourself, and you need to be sure you will get results that can stand you in good stead throughout your career. You should look for available modules that concentrate on the factors that are crucial to businesses, such as interpersonal relationships and financial performance. These are the aspects that can keep a company on the right track when competitors are finding it hard to survive.

For example, the London Business School EMBA  is an intensive program focusing on developing leadership proficiencies and business knowledge. You can choose to study the core courses in either London or Dubai, and there are optional modules to improve your interpersonal skills, conflict resolution abilities, and negotiation techniques. During the twenty-month program duration, you’ll engage in rigorous debate and benefit from a range of viewpoints from the global business community. You’ll challenge your current perspectives, learning how to react positively in an ever-changing and fast-moving economy. However, it is the skills students gain during the course that ensures they have critical abilities that are sought after in any industry.

Malebogo Mpugwa is the Head of Talent at multi-national mining company The De Beers Group and is an alumna of the London Business School EMBA. She states, ‘You’ll build a foundation of business knowledge that means you thrive in any type of organization, develop personal skills you can’t learn anywhere else, and build an unrivaled network of faculty, colleagues and business connections. As leaders, we focus a lot on developing future possibilities and investment opportunities for our organizations. But we don’t do that in our personal lives. I now know that the EMBA program really is the best way to invest in yourself. To use the words of Derek Bok: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” An investment in knowledge definitely pays the best kind of return.’

Resilience and leadership in a global economy

While it is vital to learn skills that allow you to stay focused and help your colleagues navigate through turbulent times in a domestic setting, it is also increasingly important in a global economy.

Being resilient is critical when dealing in a market that has an unlimited number of competitors. You need to show each client why your company should be their first choice and why they should put their trust in you personally. Multi-national companies face unique challenges, and you’ll require unique abilities to ensure you are an esteemed and respected employee. Should you undertake the Global Americas and Europe EMBA program, you’ll receive two EMBAs, one from the London Business School and one from Columbia University. These distinguished learning centers teach students at their campuses in London and New York alternately, in four or five-day blocks once a month. During this twenty-month course, you can choose to take electives offered by the University of Hong Kong.

You’ll also meet with diverse professionals from around the world, develop your business network and find new opportunities for your career. Employers can enjoy significant advantages from an employee gaining leadership and resilience competencies from world-renowned faculties. They may be willing to sponsor exceptional candidates who can drive their business forward, and you can also apply for The Columbia Business School and London Business School Scholarship for Global Excellence to help with funding. An EMBA degree is a win both for the student and the company that employs them and benefits from their skills and network.

Niro Sivanathan, an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at London Business School, advises, ‘The current crisis has shown that it is often the human element that is the single greatest variable during a crisis.’ He argues that during these times there are changes in peoples’ judgments, decision-making, and behaviors. However, these reactions are not inevitable. Professor Sivanathan continues, ‘Many scenario planning exercises fail to account for the deep-rooted cognitive biases they are designed to tackle.’ Therefore, an organization can significantly benefit when its leadership team has gained a thorough understanding of how to overcome obstacles and thrive during challenging periods.

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Being an industry leader who enjoys working under extreme pressure is not for everyone. However, for those ready to take their careers to the next level, studying the London Business School EMBA or the London Business School and Columbia University Global Americas and Europe EMBA can be invaluable.

To stand out from the crowd and become an industry-leading professional, enroll on the London Business School EMBA or the Global Americas and Europe EMBA.

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