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Broad Executive MBA: Accelerated Enterprise

Broad Executive MBA: Accelerated Enterprise

When choosing the right EMBA for your career growth, it might be tempting to think that coastal programs are the best fit, especially when they’re located so close to commerce and business hubs.

However, Michigan State’s Broad Executive MBA program proves that prospective students can look to the Midwest for a prestigious, nationally ranked education. 

Why Broad?

The numbers don’t lie: Broad has top-ten rankings in all of its measurements, from areas including prestige, post-degree earnings growth, and the all-important work/life balance.

The program gives executives an education with a weekend focus, for a twenty-month time commitment, less than most other EMBA programs.

By committing to an every-other-Friday and every Saturday schedule, executives can immediately apply their education to their current careers, with the tools to increase their earnings upon completion.

Enterprise Leadership

One of the hallmarks of Broad is its Enterprise Leadership Academy.

While other EMBA programs have their own extensions and specialities, the Enterprise Leadership Academy draws on the vast Broad network and education to create a comprehensive, cohesive leadership course, designed to facilitate the following key areas for success long after the program is completed, all with a focus on tangible results, not fancy buzzwords.


By collaborating with peers and mentors, Broad students gain valuable skills in working with teams to achieve educational and business goals.

Even if students have years of executive experience and collaborative projects, the Executive Enterprise program fine-tunes this leadership necessity, making it a hallmark of the entire EMBA course.

Success rarely happens in a bubble, and the emphasis on working together with one’s cohort is excellent practice for executive growth beyond Broad, and will only sharpen your networking skills within and outside the academic framework. 


While this might seem obvious, especially when executives are encouraged to apply their education to their careers as they study at Broad.

Applying knowledge and skills takes many forms, and the Enterprise Leadership Academy focuses students on continually learning and applying, and not just resting on current knowledge.

As you go through the program, learning how to use newfound leadership skills will not only aid you in coursework, but also branch out to apply new methods of thinking to ongoing business and personal development.

Actively applying means actively growing. 


Your network at Broad is a vast one and a valuable one.

You’re immediately within a link of alumni, mentors, and current students, who have different career backgrounds and their own connections.

Whether you want to grow your role in your current position, or move up to higher leadership positions, your connections and newfound relationships will open up several new doors and opportunities. 


So far, you’re collaborating, applying, and connecting.

Even while relying on outside ideas and networks, the Enterprise Leadership Academy will help you influence business development, both as a leader and as part of a team.

These are their own traits, but also blend together to make Broad students stand out as executives, but also guide organizations and teams to growth and success. 


Business growth is about delivering results.

Whether this is financial growth or successful idea generating in your business, the end result will be both personal success and business development.

Combining all of the Enterprise Leadership Academy tenants will shape you into a leader who can consistently deliver on your goals, and actively train yourself on any leadership areas you may struggle with; executive growth means acknowledging your areas for improvement, and continually learning how to improve, even beyond your EMBA coursework, and no matter how successful you are in current and future roles.

Alumni Success

Broad EMBA students have consistently proven to be leaders over the last several years, growing side by side with the program itself as its reputation and rank have risen. 

In this testimonial, alumni Jeff Larkin and Tammiy Hannah, 2020 graduates, were named Poets & Quants “Best and Brightest,” individual honors that coincide with Broad’s ranking as one of the nation’s best EMBA programs.

Larkin and Hannah’s remarks truly highlight the singular and group successes of Broad EMBA graduates; they acknowledge their own hard work and success, but are quick to explain how the cohort and network aided their personal achievements. 

Alongside the Enterprise Leadership Academy goals, Broad EMBA students are challenged to pursue their own growth potentials, but also understand the value and necessity of team developments. 

As Larkin notes: “We, as a group, committed to trying to get the most possible out of our EMBA experience, and this honor represents the results of that effort.”

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