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Support in Unprecedented Times: Broad EMBA

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Pursuing an EMBA, even in the most stable periods, requires a commitment to self-development, teamwork, elevating one’s potential, and understanding that challenges are going to be present, whether in your personal/professional life or in the world at large. However, if an EMBA is part of your plan to grow as an executive, knowing you have the skills and support system within your network will allow you to tackle even the biggest setbacks head-on. 

The Broad EMBA prides itself on not only its national program rankings and quick return on investment, but how the cohort, staff, and alumni network provide support to executives through challenges in any number of unprecedented times. The pandemic, rising costs, inflation, and individual roadblocks can, at times, feel insurmountable; but the Broad EMBA provides a variety of opportunities to grow not only within a like-minded community, but also with immediate results within one’s professional career. 

At Broad, unprecedented times are openly acknowledged as the challenges they are, but also looked at as an opportunity to reassess one’s goals and values. Part of one’s executive life is the ability to meet and anticipate problems, and using these times as a foundation, EMBA students at Broad are encouraged to look at difficult times as part of working within teams and renewing the many aspects of what good executive leadership actually encompasses. Businesses and companies are struggling right now, and Broad EMBA students are using this as inspiration. Al Makke, Class of 2021, notes: “what better way to learn to manage a business than going through it during these uncertain times?” 

Looking at uncertainty as an opportunity to grow will help you, both professionally and personally. Since the times we’re in have had unexpected ups and downs, growing yourself as a leader doesn’t mean acknowledging challenges through a grim lens; as EMBA student Ryan Sammartino says, “I think the overall business skills and knowledge we are learning, but more importantly I think is how they all fit together like a puzzle….when the program says you learn on Saturday and apply on Monday, I couldn’t agree more.”

Morgan McKittrick, Class of 2021, admires how immersive and inclusive the cohort and variety of courses help students through both challenges and their personal development. “You’re always busy, but it’s always really rewarding, it’s always great to work with your team…you’re not alone in it.”

Applying to the Broad EMBA, while ultimately a personal choice to grow, isn’t done alone. Prospective students need to assess how to balance their personal and professional commitments with the weekend-intensive studies, but know that, upon arrival, you’re immediately part of a community, and the network benefits will stay with you long after you graduate. 

Leadership and EMBA studies aren’t solitary endeavors, and during unprecedented times, nobody has to face known and potentially unknown challenges alone. Studying at Broad means having a valuable network to share ideas and gain insights on how to effectively manage both one’s self and one’s business, and taking advantage of your cohort and their unique approaches to unprecedented times will only strengthen your potential, making you an effective leader no matter what arises. 

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