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Avery Roth is an Executive Coach whose special expertise is mindset work and meditation as tools for overcoming internal blocks and achieving fulfillment. She is a former investment banker, strategy consultant, and start-up founder and is prized by her clients for bridging their comfort zone of the business world to the growth edge of becoming comfortable managing internal dynamics. She combines her proprietary strategy frameworks and sharp business chops with tools such as mindfulness, meditation, brain-based coaching, and loving-kindness to guide clients to major breakthroughs resulting in career fulfillment. She has been a featured speaker and writer with organizations such as Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, and Harvard University, and offers coaching and consulting services to individuals and organizations through Ivy Exec and her private practice

Executive woman practicing mindfulness at work

Executives Are More Open to Mindfulness Than Ever Before, Here’s Why

Mindfulness and meditation have gained acceptance and entered the mainstream over the past decade. But in Corporate America, where adoption of “alternative” practices is notoriously slow, the party has only started more recently. During the last three months in particular, as we’ve shifted to a “new Coronavirus normal,” the number of executives and senior professionals … Continued