About the Author

Barak Epstein is transitioning his career to technology management after working as a teacher and social science researcher.  He is currently pursuing an MBA (2012) at Rutgers Business School and serves as an Intern Sr. Graduate Advisor at Dell Inc.  Barak's earlier professional experiences include research in education and public health at Rutgers and UC-Berkeley, as well as six years of teaching in public and private schools in Washington, DC and New York City.  Barak holds an M. Ed. (2003) and B. A. (2000; history) from The George Washington University.  His blog posts on information management and organizational behavior can be read at knowledgeapproach (Feel free to reach out via the Contact Me link.) and at the Aleksandreia blog.  Barak is an IvyExec All Access member at IvyExec. More information about his professional background is available at linkedin.

My key recommendation to you is to think about how your electronic footprint communicates who you want to be, professionally, and what you have to offer.

How To Change Careers in a Knowledge Economy

Perhaps you’ve heard of the phrase “Knowledge Economy,” popularized by Peter Drucker in The Age of Discontinuity. If so, you’re most likely familiar with the idea that more and more of us work in positions that depend upon the creation, use, and manipulation of knowledge, as opposed to of materials or rote processes. You understand … Continued