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Global tax

No More Half-Measures on Corporate Taxes: The Argument for Global Taxation

Globalization has gotten a bad rap in recent years, and often for good reason. But some critics, not least US President Donald Trump, place the blame in the wrong place, conjuring up a false image in which Europe, China, and developing countries have snookered America’s trade negotiators into bad deals, leading to Americans’ current woes. … Continued

trade war

Could a US Recession End the Trade War?

The recent inversion of the yield curve in the United States—with the interest rate on ten-year US government bonds currently lower than that on short-term bonds—has raised fears of a possible US recession later this year or in 2020. Yet, paradoxically, a downturn in America could help to improve bilateral economic relations with China and … Continued


Can an Algorithm Know Which Movie You Want to Watch?

Picking a movie to watch on a streaming service isn’t complicated; you point and click on a film you might find entertaining. But according to Olivier Toubia, the Glaubinger Professor of Business, the psychology of why you chose that movie could be more than a simple matter of taste. “Is it because there is a … Continued

A Guide to Financial Health at Home

A Guide to Financial Health at Home

As Michaela Pagel, the Roderick H. Cushman Associate Professor of Business, demonstrates in her research, a house is not just a home; it’s a place where individual decisions about spending can have a profound effect on financial matters such as a family’s credit card debt. “You can have $5,000 in credit card debt and that … Continued

Getting Ahead of the Next Economic Downturn

Getting Ahead of the Next Economic Downturn

This summer marks 10 years since the end of the Great Recession, which saw the loss of more than eight million American jobs and was the catalyst for regulatory reforms such as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. According to Sehwa Kim, assistant professor of accounting, the aftermath of the recession also … Continued

Is Stakeholder Capitalism Really Back?

Is Stakeholder Capitalism Really Back?

For four decades, the prevailing doctrine in the United States has been that corporations should maximize shareholder value — meaning profits and share prices — here and now, come what may, regardless of the consequences to workers, customers, suppliers, and communities. So the statement endorsing stakeholder capitalism, signed earlier this month by virtually all the members of … Continued

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