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ethical leadership

Drive, Survive, and Thrive in a Crisis

Management professors Adam Galinksy and Paul Ingram, together with Jonathan Laor ’21, CEO of Applicaster, share their insights on how to lead during a crisis, especially one marked by uncertainty. Panelists: Adam Galinsky, the Vikram S. Pandit Professor of Business, Columbia Business School Paul Ingram, the Kravis Professor of Business, Columbia Business School Jonathan Laor … Continued

negotiating during performance review

Staying Inspired in Times of Tumult

Columbia Business School Professor of Professional Practice Hitendra Wadhwa draws on his research and teaching on Inner Mastery and Outer Impact to show us how to conquer our inner struggles and bring power, perspective, and possibilities to our roles and responsibilities at this most challenging hour. View the original piece on Columbia Business School’s Ideas and … Continued

Leadership demonstrating ethical behavior

Actors and Architects of Ethical Behavior

Studies have shown that organizations that work to build and maintain ethical workplace cultures not only have more motivated and productive employees, but are also more financially successful. These findings are not surprising, given that the vast majority of employees want to engage in moral behavior and make ethical decisions. However, their ability to stay … Continued

displaying leadership

3 Mindset Shifts of Leadership Mastery

There is a natural hunger in all of us to be the best leader we can be. And yet, in today’s time of rapid change and disruption, many of us are feeling less confident about how we can shine as leaders than we have ever felt before. Whenever we encounter such challenges, it is usually … Continued

managing a team

Change Management at Different Managerial Levels

Difficult economic climates create the need for significant change in many firms, yet also make such changes more challenging to enact without perceptions of injustice and damaged morale. Especially in such times, effective leaders have to understand and manage the underlying psychology of employees’ responses to change. In this video, Joel Brockner, the Phillip Hettleman … Continued


How to Be Gritty in the Time of COVID-19

With each passing day, the COVID-19 crisis continues to upend the daily lives and routines of millions of people. Amid anxieties about the health of family and friends, people have had to adjust to working from home, with kitchen tables doubling as Zoom-based conference rooms, or not working at all. Many have been hit hard … Continued

business plans

Why Change is Hard . . . and Good

More than ever, innovation and change are the twin engines of growth, competitive advantage, and success in global business. Nevertheless, companies and organizations continue to struggle, often failing to inspire their people to embrace change or to help them develop innovative ideas. The path to transforming innovation from an aspirational concept to the driving force … Continued

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