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8 Leadership Lessons from Game of Thrones to Help You Lead and Implement Change

8 Leadership Lessons from Game of Thrones to Help You Lead and Implement Change

Here’s a quick quiz: Which of the following quotes is from a Business School professor, and which was said in the epic fantasy Game of Thrones? “Your values are your internal control system.” “Truth now.” “Think through a problem and gain greater self-awareness in the process.” “Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them … Continued

The Future of Work

In a perfect world, the trend line of your career would go in one direction: up. If only life were that predictable. “For MBAs it’s an interesting time,” said Agnès Cosier-Loigerot, Global Director, Career Development Centre, INSEAD. “The future of work is still uncertain in terms of what kinds of jobs we will be able to … Continued

What Makes Popular Culture Popular? Listen to This Podcast on What Makes an Idea Go Viral

“There’s a trade-off between being similar and being different,” says the assistant professor, Michael Mauskapf, whose research reveals how pop hits find a “sweet spot” for optimal distinctiveness. What makes an idea go viral, a song become a hit, or a startup turn into a stock-listed powerhouse? It often happens, according to Assistant Professor Michael Mauskapf, … Continued

How to Create Long-Lasting Fame: Your Personal and Professional Networks Matter

If you assume that the world’s most famous artists, actors, and influencers are simply the most creative in their field, think again. There’s another factor at work. In “Fame as an Illusion of Creativity: Evidence from the Pioneers of Abstract Art,” Paul Ingram, Chazen Senior Scholar at Columbia Business School, and Mitali Banerjee, Assistant Professor at HEC Paris, examine … Continued

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