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How to Give Negative Performance Feedback

Joel Brockner, the Phillip Hettleman Professor of Business at Columbia Business School, has been studying organizational processes for many years. In his latest research, he examined the process of giving performance feedback and identified key learnings for managers on how to be the bearer of bad news. View the original piece on Columbia Business School’s Ideas … Continued


The Trust Factor: Five Ways to Maintain Trust During a Crisis

Trust is a vital requirement in any leadership endeavor. But the coronavirus pandemic has raised the stakes to historic levels. We are faced with conditions that are mortally threatening, fraught with uncertainty, and shifting rapidly. In these frightening circumstances, trust in our leaders has become the indispensable factor. The situation is entirely new, with few … Continued

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How to Make Sound Decisions With Limited Data During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus presents an unprecedented predicament: Everyday, leaders must make momentous decisions with life or death consequences for many—but there is a dearth of data. Oded Netzer is a Columbia Business School professor and Data Science Institute affiliate who builds statistical and econometric models to measure consumer behavior that help business leaders make data-driven decisions. Here, he discusses … Continued


Motivating a Team Takes More Than Money

Consider this seemingly puzzling pair of reports from the front line of work in two very different spheres: After a full day of attending to customers frustrations, concerns, and needs, a shoe company’s customer service representatives say they leave the call center tired but fulfilled. After a full day of attending to the sick and … Continued

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Leading Up: The Neglected Competency

At a recent seminar, I asked participants to define their company’s biggest barriers to success. The main impediment, they said, was their top leaders’ immunity to feedback. “They just won’t listen to new ideas, ” “They are living in yesterday’s world, ” “They think they have it all figured out and simply want us to … Continued

Work Breaks Don’t Signal Career Brakes

In our second episode featuring the School’s UK-based graduates, we visit with Lee Georgs ’03, the Chief Operating Officer of Corporate for the investment consultancy Redington and co-President of the London alumni club. Lee Georgs has held positions with some of the world’s most prestigious investment banks, including Citibank, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse. Her … Continued