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The Unsung Heroes of Innovation

How Middle Managers Make Innovation Possible A conversation with Rita McGrath, a top expert on strategy and innovation   What inspired you to look at the plight of middle managers? I was looking at companies that were struggling to innovate, and I wanted to understand why. What I found is that a lot of the … Continued

professional networking event

What Really Happens at Mixers?

Networking parties hold so much promise. A mixer hosted by a large firm, a professional association or a business district is an opportunity to gain social capital, which has come to be seen as a critical factor in success. Many people devote significant money and time to these events with the simple goal of making … Continued


Culture and Corporate Responsibility

How Different Countries Hold Leaders Accountable In 1985, Japan Airlines Flight 123 flew into the side of Mount Takamagahara in Japan. Five hundred and twenty people died. It was the worst single-aircraft disaster in history. Soon after the accident, the company’s president, Yasumoto Takagi, appeared on television, apologized, bowed and resigned. Afterward, he traveled the … Continued

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Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

BRITE Speaker Dwayne Spradlin discusses how the culture is essential to making innovation work. In talking with one of his clients about the barriers to open innovation within an organization, Dwayne Spradlin, CEO and President of InnoCentive, received a wonderfully insightful quote: “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” As Spradlin told BusinessWeek, the right culture is essential to making … Continued


Study: The Startups That Succeed Pay Premium for Talent

Startups are known for having low-paying jobs. They are also known for offering employees attractive non-monetary perks, such as flexible office hours and stock options, to compensate for their inability to offer higher wages. But new research suggests that who gets hired and how much they get paid at the outset of a new company really matters. … Continued


Make 2020 the Year of Zero Burnout

It happens to all of us. We take on far too much, by choice and by necessity, and then we want to do all of it well. Our workplaces are perpetually in flux, with employees constantly needing to adapt to new managers, processes, technologies, and more, often with little training and mentoring. Our family members … Continued