Why Diversity Is Hard (and Why It’s Worth It)

Research from Katherine Phillips, the Reuben Mark Professor of Organizational Character and the faculty co-director of the Inclusive Leadership, demonstrates that presence of diversity in a team changes people’s perspectives and makes it possible for new ideas to be shared. But, as she explains, creating diverse work environments can be a challenge. “You have to … Continued


Women Entrepreneurs Face Challenges in Networking

In networking, it’s often the case that the person who can help you is a friend of a friend. But securing that third-party relationship can be complicated for women, especially if they are in a field that has been traditionally occupied by men. In a recent paper, assistant professor Mabel Abraham investigates the role gender … Continued


R&D Is a Startup Launchpad

According to finance professor Tania Babina, exposure to a firm’s research and development department can provide valuable insight to those hoping to start an entrepreneurial venture. In a recent paper she co-authored with Sabrina T. Howell of NYU Stern School of Business, Babina found that when former R&D employees leave a firm, they often join … Continued


Why Entrepreneurs Should Use 360-Degree Market Research

All marketers, including entrepreneurs engaged in startups, must understand their customers from a 360 degree perspective. The process typically begins by identifying the most productive customers for a product or service. It’s also critical to obtain intelligence on how a product or service could fit into customers’ lives. That’s a more complex task. When weighing … Continued

digital disruption

Using Digital Technology to Narrow the Opportunity Gap

Although many societies aspire to provide equal opportunities for everyone, that is easier said than done. People born into different economic and social statuses have unequal educational or financial starting points. This often leads to very different career and life opportunities. Digital technology was not invented to tackle inequality, and there is even a risk … Continued


Location Matters for Entrepreneurship

“Location, location, location,” is known as the real estate agents’ mantra. According to assistant professor Jorge Guzman, the phrase is also applicable to entrepreneurship and startups, particularly those in the technology industry. “When it comes to startups, location matters,” Guzman says. “It helps you connect with the ideas around you, find capital, hire employees, and … Continued