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- Senior Associate/Consultant

People are taken care of and the company is seen as a family, even given how much it's grown over the past few years. Partners and Leadership are demonstrating being able to keep the small firm culture through expansion. Also incredible opportunities to stand out and do something different if you can show value (e.g. bring in new clients, start up a new practice area, even create new businesses within the company).

Featured Review

Current Employee - Manager

Acquis has an entrepreneurial culture that allows its employees to follow their passions - whether that is to grow a business line, lead an internal initiative or gain more project responsibility. Where there is a will, there is a way, and people at Acquis have amazing opportunities to expand their experience.

Employee - Manager

We are known to deliver above expectations, easy to work with. We focus on strategy and delivery, and we do it well. Clients are happy to work with us. We are known as a great team of people to work with.

Employee - Principal/VP/Director

Incredible work environment.

Employee - Principal/VP/Director

Strong, Seasoned Professionals.

Employee - Principal/VP/Director

Supportive team all around in all areas.

Employee - Principal/VP/Director

Very positive market reputation.

Employee - Senior Associate/Consultant

This is a firm filled with very smart and friendly people. There is an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages new ideas and proactive ownership is generally well supported. I also enjoy that it is not overly hierarchical and while there is structure, it is more merit based and the leadership takes care to recognize talent and hard work.

Employee - Senior Associate/Consultant

The vast majority of senior leadership is highly intelligent and experienced and take great pride in their teams and ability to execute on promises. From my previous consulting experience at other companies, I found that leadership often promised more than they knew they could deliver, setting everyone up for failure. Here, while they're optimistic and sets stretch goals, they also are very realistic and sets high standards for the quality of work that's promised and the ability to deliver on it. They understand and are open about talking about what's working and what's not - I'm consistently surprised by how transparent they are and that makes me feel much more part of the company and fully committed to caring about its successes as well as its worries. I've also been pleasantly surprised by spot bonuses and thank you emails for a job well done or a proposal well pitched - it's just refreshing to have LT who actually appreciate your efforts in a public and sincere manner. They're also fun to be around and have a very open door policy.

Employee - Senior Associate/Consultant

I have not actually been at the company long enough to receive bonus but am contractually permitted to receive roughly 12% of my base salary, depending on company performance (I had negotiated a higher base salary for a lower bonus percentage), etc. I've heard from others that they are typically very good at paying out full bonuses and that it occurs rapidly. I won't know what my annual base % increase will be but am anticipating anywhere between 2-8%.

Employee - Senior Associate/Consultant

The culture is energetic and young, but peppered with experienced people who can balance it out. It's relatively open and not uptight, but always professional. There are a lot of after work activities and people are encouraged to participate but isn't necessarily looked down upon if you don't attend every single event.

Employee - Senior Associate/Consultant

As a boutique firm, I think we have a very solid reputation and are gaining ground in specific industries such as Life Sciences.


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