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Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

Cut Throat, Back biters. The review process incentivizes to throw fellow team members under the bus, because no one wants to be in the bottom of forced curve. Incentives are highly skewed towards stocks and folks who dont get much after initial grant they leave the company. To promote one has to really smooze supervisors, it does not matter how you are with peers or a people manager. However- I am a fan of the company being Data driven, Innovation(in some parts) and Obsessed over Customer

Employee - Director

Working at Amazon is only possible if you have a full-time nanny or partner at home to watch the kids and tend to everyday necessities. Rarely see anyone over 40 years old there. Little diversity; dudebro tech culture; long hours; stack-ranking against fellow colleagues; grueling review process; very little advancement; few women at higher levels; Amazon does little to nothing for its town and has no philanthropic involvement. It's like The Hunger Games.

Employee - Director

Average shelf life of an employee is 18 months at Amazon.

Employee - Director

Cultish and pompous work culture.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

It's a brutal culture. There's no regard for work life balance, and thrashing over they working backwards process is a waste of time in comparison to the speed at which competitors move.