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- Manager

Focused on taking care of their people and doing the right thing for the clients. Long-term plan, willing to invest, not just short-term profits.

Featured Review

- Manager

BCG is an amazing place to work. You learn so much, and everyone is really looking out for each other. We tackle once-in-a-lifetime problems for our clients and drive to tremendous impact.

Employee - Analyst

The best place to work for, beyond any doubt

Employee - Analyst


Employee - Senior Associate/Consultant

Challenging but inspiring

Employee - Associate/Consultant

No business ethics observed. Employees are being lied to and threatened with discharges. Companies with dubious practices (including embezzlement and bribery) are accepted as customers to work on business plan to get governmetally supported loans for them.

Employee - Associate/Consultant

no reputational discretion profitability is the highest goal no business ethics no transparency other opinions are not accepted

Employee - Associate/Consultant

BCG hires very smart and often very good people. It is a pity that up to the level of partners only minority of friendly and honest people get to. Partners with whom I worked can not be trusted since business ethics and honesty means nothing to them. After successful MBA internship in 2008 I started working full-time in August 2009 and was fired in June 2010 with no a single chance to serve on a normal client case. Partners told me there will be a possibility to work on real client case, that consultants are given time to learn and that noone is going to be fired in less than a year. All that was not true. After speaking to a senior partner Lars Faeste about the issue I was threatened to be evacuated from the office with the help of guards. Nothing to mention lies of other partners, direct scolding from the project leader Vladimir Tuzov and the principal Art Upreti. There were other BCG ex-employees whom I know and who were handled ruthlessly and impolite. Making contracts with companies having dubious business practices were also a normal practice. I attempted to speak with ombudsmen regarding the issue it led nowhere. The system is absolutely intransparent and nobody seriously cares what happens in different offices of the BCG around the world.

Employee - Associate/Consultant

The BCG reputation is formed by people who make open marketing of only good qalities of the company and its best offices. Unfortunately nobody speaks about serious ethical issues that company has.