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Employee - Manager

A lot of VPs are not adequate to the role, both in revenue generation and in unit management

Employee - Manager

The MBO is completely dependent on the company Gross Operating Profit: if it does not reach its target, than all the bonuses fall to zero. The base salaries were 20+% less than average market for the same roles. Bonuses were 100% lower than average markets (i.e. my bonus was 10% of the base salary, in other firms it was 20%)

Employee - Manager

See my previous answer of Capgemini as a car. My statements only regard Capgemini in Italy. However, I had the chance to work on three international projects and I when I had to deal with other companies belonging to the group (i.e other countries) I NEVER had the feeling to work in a multinational (i.e. there were A LOT of intercompany troubles and seldom a multinational team worked as being part of the same company/project). The only "multinational" tool really working was the Knowledge Management and Sharing tool.


I would not recommend for a female co-worker as you move more and more up in the career ladder there are very less female in the position. Not a balanced environment for female


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