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Elena Bajic

Decision Resources Group



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Employee - Senior Consultant

I think our reputation is growing in the market. We are consistently coming up against larger consulting firms when bidding on engagements. Repeat business is a strong driver of our sales because of the quality of work. We get a lot of internal referrals from our clients

Employee - Associate Consultant

DRGC is a great place for those interested in healthcare consulting.

Employee - Associate Consultant

Down to earth, hard working, invested,

Employee - Associate Consultant

Compensation is not great; slightly below average

Employee - Associate Consultant

Generous benefits and vacation time;

Employee - Associate Consultant

Truly collaborative; horizontal; not competitive; people oriented;

Employee - Associate Consultant

Not extremely well known, but well regarded by those that do know of it. More name recognition within healthcare.

Employee - Associate Consultant

Mentors, Approachable, Knowledgable, Experienced, Thought leaders.

Employee - Associate Consultant

Lower pay compared to similar boutique consulting firms.

Employee - Associate Consultant

Strong office culture, close knit group.

Employee - Manager

very inclusive

Employee - Senior Consultant

Young, energetic, very bright; opportunities to learn quickly but some issues with burn-out

Employee - Senior Consultant

Excellent work, very responsive, very client-focused

Employee - Principal

Youthful vibe

Employee - Director

Enthusiastic, committed

Employee - Associate Consultant

It is a rapidly growing consulting division at a deeply entrenched healthcare firm. With the added bonus of extensive in-house research, it is a great place to understand both the theoretical and practical aspects of the healthcare space. The firm culture is also excellent, and they place a lot of emphasis on training the incoming classes of Associates and Associates, which would make for a great experience for anyone out of college that is looking to explore the field of healthcare consulting.

Employee - Associate Consultant

Highly organized, with a clear vision for the future. They have a set goal for growth in mind, relating to the company's future, and they take appropriate steps to ensure that the company can grow and develop in a healthy and collaborative manner.

Employee - Associate Consultant

An incoming Associate gets about a 5% bonus of their annual salary, and are paid in the $60-70k range.

Employee - Associate Consultant

Ability to work from home if needed, comprehensive medical and dental insurance.

Employee - Associate Consultant

DRG is a relatively new player in the consulting space, and as a result is in the process of solidifying a uniform culture throughout its offices. The leadership has made great strides in motivating the Associates and Associates, and provide ample opportunities to contribute and lead work on projects.