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Employee - Associate

HR processes: lack of structure in people development process, lack of transparency in people promotion and growth, poor job performance evaluation process.

Employee - Associate

culture is very Hierarchical, male style.

Employee - Senior Vice President

The performance evaluation process and incentive program uses a curve-fitting model. The effect is that 50% of the workforce perceives itself as 'losing the game' each year and individuals are highly incentivized to compete with each other for rankings and to not collaborate. The effect in aggregate is to significantly increase the effort for getting work done. Suggestion would be to migrate to a more modern team-based incentive program.

Employee - Senior Vice President

There are some really great people who take pride in their work and in collaboration and there can be great opportunities to learn, but the overall culture itself is corrosive and the business prospects are dim.

Employee - Senior Vice President

When the company was in growth mode, culture was energetic and individuals could have a lot of autonomy. As company transitioned to contraction mode, culture turned toward risk management, control and self-preservation.

Employee - Managing Director

There needs to be a genuine focus on diversity. In our team, there has never been a female managing director for over 10 years I was there and from my understanding none for as long as one can recall and there were certainly very capable and great female producers at the desk. Also there is too much internal politicking in this bank.

Employee - Senior Vice President

Short term focused, rather than max long term shareholder value

Employee - Vice President

Benefits are generally good. Culture is typical for a European HQ'ed bank though. Very hierarchical and excessive bureaucracy. Favoritism towards European expats.

Employee - Vice President

A lot of the sweeter benefits that some employs have/had are no longer available to new hires. But in general, benefits are good, lots of vacation time, paid maternity, etc.

Employee - Vice President

Conservative and bureaucratic. Typical backstabbing of the trading floor. Hired a lot of people who were known in the industry for being ruthless or difficult to work with.

Employee - Senior Vice President

Needs a fundamental organization restructuring

Employee - Senior Vice President

The company was a colossal waste of my time.

Employee - Senior Vice President

Does not support collaboration. Poor software engineering practices. Short sighted Money rules all

Employee - Group Managing Director and/or Partner

They hire and fire, no stable strategy, extremely close in circle clique control the bank