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Elena Bajic

Strategic Consultant (Governance and Risk Management)

Hong Kong

You thrive and enjoy working in a fast paced environment, surrounded by brilliant and like-minded people. You walk into the office every day with a passion to learn more and a desire to succeed. You derive great satisfaction...

Solutions Architect

United Kingdom

Directly supporting the Verodin business, the Security Instrumentation & Effectiveness (SIE) team is a multi-functional field engineering team offering unparalleled solutions and support to our customers with the Verodin...

Solutions Architect SIP - Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform

United Kingdom

The Verodin Team is currently seeking a Solutions Architect to join our team. Are you able to keep moving and stay on target with minimal guidance and input? Do you need to know how everything works and fits together? Does...

Senior Systems Engineer GSS CTI/Cyber Threat Intelligence


FireEye Threat Intelligence provides a multi-layered approach to using intelligence within your security organization. Threat feeds are useful, but you also need the context surrounding an indicator to understand its implication...

Red Team Consultant


A successful Red Team consultant at Mandiant should possess a deep understanding of both information security and computer science. They should understand basic concepts such as networking, applications, and operating system...