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Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

The management abuses the people and they generally do not care about the business and services they provide. I would change a lot if I could.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

IBM is internationally recognized as a leader in technology, however they are failing in every respect. They are Not a technology company at all, they are a Sales and Marketing Company. Maybe that is why they are not listed in your first question, I had to list IBM as "Other "?

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

IBM is a huge company that, interestingly, can move on a dime. It requires assertiveness to stay in the loop and active. It is resource heavy. That said, sometimes too many people can be "thrown" at a client or problem and it often results in waste and confusion. One client account leader said "this can't be fixed by just throwing bodies at it." That would be one area to fix -- along with some of the beauracracy where people are afraid to take a stand and change some things that no one "owns". Maybe that goes to onboarding and training. It can work better if people know how to propose solutions rather than let problems or waste fester.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

Great brand and established leadership in many areas.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

The culture is OK as long as you are not in a targeted group... targeted meaning they are obviously cutting costs. Morale is very low in these areas. They do offer flex time and remote work which is very nice and the only reason I am still there.

Employee - Director

They are the best in the industry, innovative, and leaders in all categories

Employee - Director

Oppressive work culture.

Employee - Vice President (VP, SVP, EVP, etc.)

IBM used to have a great culture, but it has declined considerably over the last several years. Now a culture that points fingers at one another, not nearly as collaborative as it once was.

Employee - Analyst / Associate

There are too many pendulum swings in operations, leaves employee's feeling that they are not valued, despite the rhetoric.

Employee - Analyst / Associate

A lean, six sigma or similar process improvement is in order. Infrastructure consultant rates are among the lowest in the industry despite client billing being among the highest. Environments are among the most challenging. Consultant survival is dependent on certifications if not training (e.g. PMI, MCS, CCNA), flexibility, durability and ability to execute.