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Current Employee - Associate/Consultant

Keystone truly cares about their employees, both in their development and that they enjoy the work they are doing. Keystone feels like a startup, but with the access and impact of a large, consulting firm.

Featured Review

- Partner

Keystone is a great place for people that want to push beyond 80/20 to deliver world-class insights and work beside world-class academic and industry experts on fun, exciting projects related to technology.


Outstanding. being boutique, keystone isn't a household name, but once you visit the website you'll see that we work with the most brilliant people across broad industries, and looking at the partners' profiles also highlights the amazing achievements of the team here.

Employee - Manager

Keystone works on the most interesting and novel issues facing the tech industry. We have great clients who do big things by being thoughtful and imaginative, which means we get to deliver work that's thoughtful and imaginative. There really are no "routine" issues - almost everything we see has some element that hasn't been analyzed before. It's a good place to learn new skills and the flat management structure and transparency means you get constant insight into how the partners and clients are thinking and how the firm really operates. Just a cool place to be right now.

Employee - Manager

Keystone's senior leadership is passionate about the tech industry and truly focused on "transformative ideas." Everybody is uncommonly smart.

Employee - Manager

Bonus and profit sharing are part of compensation package. Above-market bonuses paid if firm meets or exceeds growth targets (various financial performance metrics are shared with staff monthly at all-firm meetings).

Employee - Manager

Keystone is a tech company so it uses technology to make work-life balance more manageable. You can work remotely, etc. and managers are generally respectful of vacation requests. Client services is an on-demand business, but there is an effort at Keystone to respect personal time. Maternity leave recently extended from 10 to 14 weeks.

Employee - Manager

Keystone's motto is "do great things," and I do think that people strive to live up to that, whatever it means for them. This is particularly noticeable in the opportunities that Keystone helps people pursue, whether it be an MBA, PhD, JD, or a career elsewhere - it's all about helping people achieve their best

Employee - Manager

Keystone occupies a unique place as a firm that does both strategy and economic consulting and as a place that can deploy resources across disciplines. I think clients come to Keystone because they know they're not going to get a canned answer. Every problem is different, so every time we ask, "how might we solve this problem?" Sometimes that means pitching an approach no one has ever taken before and begin prepared to build it from the ground up. Not all clients want that. But our clients aren't scared to break ground and they appreciate a firm that will do the same.