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Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

They need to take on a matrix management approach.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

Leadership is focused on short term, it should not be that way.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

There was a risk averse culture in place.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

This is not an innovative company.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

Focused on wrong things, care more about being PC and "diverse" than properly applying talent to produce the best products possible.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

When I was there, it was great. Kind of like family, as much as it can be in a large company. From what I hear it isn't that way anymore.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

Lockheed Martin will place women and minorities in positions to check boxes. Point of fact, I was never really impacted career wise, but I saw several programs impacted negatively by these actions. I left the company for a better job, no real issues. That doesn’t change the facts; Lockheed cares more about looking good than being good.

Employee - Analyst / Associate

Adding some "real" not espoused humanity to their people practices would be a great start. Working at Lockheed Martin Space Systems (LM) was one of the most exhausting and de-humanizing experiences of my life. And, I was in the USAF for 5 years where Basic Training seemed more compassionate than LM.

Employee - Analyst / Associate

Demanding and cut-throat in many ways and in many areas. Brilliant people doing brilliant work but antiquated and cold people-processes keep many supporting departments from full engagement. Always in flux and reorganizing, so goals and objectives change frequently.

Employee - Analyst / Associate

In my short experience (2.5 yrs), it seemed that great values are constantly espoused but rarely acted on in any truly meaningful way.

Employee - Analyst / Associate

My change is to strongly discourage the good old boys club that is prevelant.