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Employee - Managing Director

The company needs a complete management shake up

Employee - Managing Director

Cut throat competitive and poorly run

Employee - Managing Director

If you were not Australian you were not a part of the team

Employee - Vice President

Drastic improvement in opportunities and culture needed. Macquarie tends to play for the 2% co-manager roles. Too many senior execs treat it as a last chance to earn guaranteed bonuses from an out of touch Australian leadership.

Employee - Vice President

Don't come in expecting typical investment banking opportunities or pay. Work is more entrepreneurial particularly as a VP. Not aure why an analyst would bother.. atleast associates have a hope of make VP. Juniors tend to do most of the work on the 2% co-manager roles Macq specializes in, in the US market. Limited resources or recognition so making a career is hard. Best bet is to take a private equity capital solutionto a small / mid sized company

Employee - Vice President

Long hours like any other bank except the work is a lot more pitches and few if any transactions. Heads of groups are busy turning pages in a presentation rather than calling clients.