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Employee - Vice President

You have vast array of opportunities if the culture of the company changes. They should teach employees to care and not pressure or force them to complete timely

Employee - Vice President

I shall say it a few words turn over ratio is 5/6 in less than 2 years

Employee - Associate

I would not recommend strongly against, but would advise a friend to weigh their options. The company is well established with a great name and good platforms. However, some of the systems seemed out of date. More importantly is how they change the investment vehicles which count towards your numbers; in addition, limiting products you can promote but allowing the vets to do it. I understand the risk element, but if a new FA has a potential client, who is very wealthy, not opposed to risk, is secure in other investments, and wants to put $5M with you when Google was about to IPO, then let them do it! Or at least get credit and co-manage with a more senior FA and instead of just essentially stealing them. (I was a new FA). That in turn (from the outcome) could not have worked out well, but the client was aware, and what in fact would've happened is I would've had an extraordinary start with a very pleased client and more investments.

Employee - Associate

As with most, try to surround yourself with people who you trust and have your best interest in mind. It's tough as a new start - see if you can (long shot) work a deal where you introduce clients, but have an experienced FA with you for a percentage of the account (understandably may be hard for them to justify their time). If there is someone willing to shed a piece of their book, get with them! That's the only way I saw anyone make it. That and befriend wholesalers! M.S. has a lot to be said for it, but in the end it's really just you building a business. And it's always said, but call, call, call, and don't mind the angry grandchildren who return calls.

Employee - Associate

It could be different now, or perhaps is similar with all the big houses, but there was a huge divide between tenured and new advisors (naturally that will happen to some extent). There was hardly collaboration and quite a bit of talk about watching who you divulged "good news" to, for they may sweep in and take the client. That said, my mentor was very supportive, honest, and had time for me. It just didn't seem like there was any culture - people went to their office, closed the door, and later on left for the day.