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Employee - Principal/VP/Director

North Highland has lost its focus on deep, client relationships and quality of delivery. Hiring too many junior people with inadequate knowledge of their clients and service delivery has impacted their reputation for great consulting.

Employee - Principal/VP/Director

The key executive has a reputation for not listening to his team, driving forward as if his opinion is the only one that matters. All the best leaders have either left the firm or retired. Employees don't know whether leaders are "not listening" or simply "don't care."

Employee - Principal/VP/Director

Hiring at the low end with low salaries. For director-level hires, there is a cap on how much you can make which works to minimize the incentive to dig deep and contribute.

Employee - Principal/VP/Director

What stands out to me is that by the time I left the company three years ago (ish) there was no sense of culture. Dead end, demanding, and judgmental.

Employee - Manager

Extremely poor communicators. Lack of integrity.

Employee - Manager

North Highland has hugever markups on their contractors.

Employee - Manager

Very secretive culture

Employee - Manager

Not well known or liked.

Employee - Associate/Consultant

Company is not stable. The overall of the company is out dated and non diverse.

Employee - Associate/Consultant

Outdated and uninformed