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Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

Suggest a change so there is more employee participation in decisions.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

It's a leader and a winner. The technology goes where Oracle leads.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

The culture is one in which you are constantly worrying about whether or not you will have a job tomorrow.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

Oracle drives very hard. Winning is everything!

Employee - Director

Oracle has a flexible timetable and very good conditions in terms of office environment. Only thing, there were too many procedures, you can hardly add value from your insight. Approvals were needed for everything, very difficult to move things.

Employee - Director

People are very friendly, but the sheer size of the company makes it difficulty to fully interact with the broader organization. As such, you remain very siloed.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

Teams are too virtual. If you join to a virtual team and team members are not in your country it is difficult to get identified with the company.

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

Oracle needs to stop age discrimination

Employee - Manager / Senior Manager

Company promotes conflicts between departments, managed by conflict.