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Elena Bajic


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Employee - Senior Vice President

Culture was basically make Tom James as much $ as possible

Employee - Associate

Success or failure depends on your immediate manager. I unfortunately had a manager who was not used to having to mentor new employees, and did expect me to have a learning curve to learn the business.

Employee - Associate

Very set in their ways, not very open to new people. Management changed their decisions frequently and reorganized within the departments frequently.

Employee - Associate

Low pay. No work life balance.

Employee - Associate

Important to keep in mind that this place is just a stepping stone to a better job.

Employee - Associate

The culture was very male dominated with a good ole' boys type mentality. Women were sexually harassed. Male managers were often verbally abusive and unprofessional.

Employee - Managing Director

Jeff Trocin should not manage capital markets.

Employee - Managing Director

Management is more clueless than it appears to be from the outside looking in.

Employee - Managing Director

Good team but weak leadership and no direction