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Employee - Senior Vice President

Culture that is collabortive

Employee - Group Managing Director and/or Partner

The firm takes a collaborative approach - everyone is encouraged to do what is necessary to win, regardless of whether your individual product is directly involved or not. Again, "One Team"

Employee - Group Managing Director and/or Partner

Collaborative, "One Team" culture. Teammates encouraged to contribute outside of their own specific job responsibilities.

Employee - Vice President

Leadership has repeatedly communicated their comfort with mediocrity.

Employee - Vice President

You will be lied to, often and repeatedly. Be prepared to fight through organizational ineptitude on every decision or promise.

Employee - Vice President

Company is underhandedly discriminatory.

Employee - Associate

Most employees were concerned only about themselves at Suntrust Robinson Humphrey.

Employee - Vice President

Unrealistic sales targets are their only concern, not success and well being of employees or clients.

Employee - Vice President

At Suntrust, meeting aggressive sales goals is all that matters - helping customers is given no consideration.

Employee - Vice President

Suntrust' culture is focused on meeting sales goals - nothing else matters - customer satisfaction.....nothing.

Employee - Associate

I wish there was less politics, better career mobility

Employee - Associate

Culture varied team to team

Employee - Vice President

I would change the entire management team

Employee - Vice President

Management is horribly inept