Customized, high-impact recruiting solutions.

Ivy Exec was conceived and launched as the leading career management platform for executive talent. Now approaching a quarter of a million members, we’ve also built an executive search division, that allows companies to hire from this high-quality community of passive candidates.

Our Employer Division has grown 500%+ over the past two years. With offices in the US and Europe, we have completed client assignments in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Our growth is a tribute to the professionalism of our executive search consultants, as well as our our research and sourcing teams. We operate through a new professional services paradigm which better fits the times, with adaptable, innovative client offerings. We continue to add enduring value: partnering with smaller firms as their ‘in-house’ recruiting team, working with larger organizations to provide a pipeline of talent or filling more complex, mid- through C-level assignments. Please consider Ivy Exec’s Employer Division for your talent acquisition needs.

Kind Regards,
Elena Bajic

Executive Search

Select from the exceptional. Only Ivy Exec has the ability to recruit from our elite network and bring you the very best.

Ivy Pipeline

Support your internal recruiting team. Whether you need a shortlist of candidates in a hurry or a steady stream of qualified prospects, our pipeline services can help.

Employers Branding

Develop and expand your employment brand presence with top-tier executives. Ivy Exec provides the technology to place your company name front and center among the global elite.