Get Angry at Work, for a Change

You are influenced by unspoken norms at work, especially about the emotions to display or hide. Maybe you’ve been told…

“Don’t ever get angry at work!”

“Anger is a sign that you’ve lost your temper and you’re out of control.”

“Only the boss can get angry at work — if you’re not the boss, don’t get angry at work.”

If you’ve ever been subtly (or not subtly) told to hide or suppress your anger around your colleagues and clients, but struggled with holding back that red-hot energy, this learning opportunity is for you. Executive coach Dr. Susan Bernstein believes that well-expressed anger can help you to transform hidden and festering problems and create a positive impact on your work. With awareness, you can even utilize anger to uplift the people around you. Join Dr. Bernstein and shift how you view and experience anger. You’ll discover how to engage with your own anger and the anger of others.

Based on over 15 years experience coaching leaders, Bernstein knows this: When you harness the positive power of your emotions, you build unstoppable confidence. In this workshop, Dr. Bernstein will help you to learn to identify and express anger in a way that’s healthy and productive — for you and your colleagues.

About the Presenter

Susan coaches individuals, facilitates workshops, is a keynote speaker, and writes about emotions at work. Her thought leadership has been featured in Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Psychology Today. She’s spoken for organizations including the DisruptHR, HR West, Zendesk’s Relate conference, UC Berkeley’s Women in Leadership Conference, and 100 Women in Finance.

Susan earned her MBA at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and her Ph.D. at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Santa Barbara campus.

Learn more about Dr. Susan Bernstein at her website,

About the Author

Susan Bernstein coaches high-potential professionals to achieve breakthroughs in their performance while feeling balanced and vibrant. She shares tools that she has acquired and developed over nearly three decades in executive development, marketing, and management consulting. You can visit her website here: