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Healthcare Executive’s Guide to Optimizing Patient Flow

As any healthcare professional (or patient) can attest: disorganized patient flows and long waiting periods impede caregiver productivity, delay the rate at which patients can receive care, and result in poor utilization of facilities and equipment.

In this online class, Dr. Charles Noon, Professor in the Department of Business Analytics and Statistics at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, will introduce you to a practical approach to optimizing patient flows by applying Queuing Theory.

By viewing the webinar, you will:
– Understand the main concepts that govern patient flow
– Identify the countermeasures that work and the ones that don’t
– Learn the key data elements that can you help target your improvement efforts

It is a Healthcare Leader’s imperative to create a systematic approach to patient flow which can be analyzed and optimized.

At UT Knoxville, they know the business of healthcare.  Their 12-month EMBA focuses on applying business principles within the context of the healthcare industry.  Assignments are real-world and applied, and each student works with a faculty advisor to design a project to address an issue of major importance for his or her organization.  Join them for a year and help transform healthcare.

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