Unlocking the Potential of Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Big Data and Advanced Analytics are rapidly becoming a strategic and competitive necessity, transforming companies’ interactions with their customers and enabling them to predict specific market opportunities and future business trends.

Andrew W. Hannah, MBA, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Analytics and an Entrepreneur In Residence, will guide participants through the playing field and provide a roadmap for developing analytics programs that help companies gain a competitive edge. Hannah, also a founder of OThot, a Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics company, will put advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics in a business context and discuss the tremendous opportunities – and challenges – for businesses utilizing these tools.

About the Speaker

In 2014, Andy and Team founded OThot: a Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics company that helps customers predict, understand, and change the future. OThot deploys a proprietary analytics process and leverages state-of-the-art data mining and analytics tools to develop and maintain managed analytics programs for its customers.

Andy was appointed an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Analytics and an Entrepreneur In Residence at Pitt Business. His primary responsibilities in these roles include developing and delivering curriculum at the intersection of analytics and entrepreneurship, mentoring students that are creating new ventures, fostering an entrepreneurial environment, and developing a concept for graduates to be leaders in the blossoming business analytics field.

One of Andy’s greatest passions is building teams that win but that also enable the individuals to reach their potential. Many of the people that Andy has worked with have gone on to C-level positions, such as presidents of companies and universities, and some have started their own companies. Leadership, innovation, vision, and ethics are the values he instills in his teams and these are the basic ideals of his actions and communications

About the Author

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