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7 Signs You Need a New Job

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. But for the 99% who don’t do what they love, here are the warning signs that you need a new job.

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Ask for What You Want –
Negotiation Strategies for Women

Do you ask for what you want, or are you waiting to be offered the opportunity that will advance your career and/or compensation?

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Working–at 90–for a Leading Innovator

Think your company is cutting-edge because you have a bunch of Millennials on staff?

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4 Critical Ways to Prepare for
a Tough Conversation

We’ve all had them- those relatively gut wrenching conversations with a co-worker about a delayed project, a performance issue or any number of things that we’d just rather not talk about.

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Equal Pay Takes Center Stage at the Oscars

For many women, the highlight of the Academy Awards last night wasn’t Lady Gaga or Neil Patrick Harris or how great Jennifer Lopez or Dakota Johnson looked.

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What Millennials Want From Work

Figuring out what Millennials want out of work, and life, seems to have become a cottage industry itself. One new entrant in the race to explain the generation is a report […]

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Where the Interview Process Breaks Down

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people for positions at every level and have seen some incredible mistakes that can derail a candidate from getting to the next level.

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