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Effectively Executing Strategic Change

To survive in today’s fast-changing business landscape, organizations must move quickly and seamlessly. Economic fluctuations, shifting hiring patterns, new globalization trends and much more demand rapid strategic response. But too often, even accomplished leaders fail to recognize when and how to execute the changes their organizations need to survive. So what makes successful strategic change […] Read more →

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Free Yourself To Make Better Career Choices

“I can’t make a career change. I’ve got a mortgage to pay, and I couldn’t match my current salary doing something else.” “There’s no way I can get another degree. I have two kids to put through college 10 years from now.” “I could never start a business. We need the health insurance from my […] Read more →

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Lessons From A Serial CEO: Strategies For Becoming A Leader

Meet Rudi Strobl, a mid-market private equity CEO and Operating Executive who has fueled more than $1.5B in enterprise value creation through acquisitions and restructurings in the U.S. and Europe. Rudi’s career experiences have taken him across multiple industries and geographies, instilling a focus on people, process and outcomes that prepared him for leadership roles […] Read more →

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How To Squash Entrepreneurial Loneliness

If you’re just starting your own business, or are a CEO, you will have moments when you will feel pretty alone. There’s a reason why they say “it’s lonely at the top.” Read more →

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How to Lead an Effective Group Brainstorming Session

While holding a group brainstorming session isn’t always the best option for generating creative ideas in the workplace, there are times when it’s a necessary evil. For many, these meetings can feel counterproductive if not managed properly. You can easily end up trapped in “group think” or mulling over old ideas that have already been […] Read more →

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Bye-Bye Boomers: What It Means For You

Did you know the oldest Baby Boomers will turn 68 this year? While some members of the greatest generation have already entered the golden years of retirement, research suggests that many more will transition within the next 5 years—about 18% of the workforce in fact. What does this mean for professionals on the earlier end […] Read more →

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Consultant Isn’t a Dirty Word

I’m always surprised when people tell me they’re “just” doing consulting or contract work for now, while they’re between jobs or re-entering the work force after doing something else for a while (…like raising kids, spending time at an ashram, building a school in Haiti, saving the whales, or some other “close to the heart” […] Read more →

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