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Associate General Counsel

Columbus, GA, USA | TSYS

  • Industry:
    Financial Services
  • Position Type:
  • Functions:
    Legal / Compliance
  • Experience:
    5-7 years
Job Description:
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Works independently and exercises wide latitude while providing guidance in diverse matters affecting day-to-day business operations by assisting, advising, investigating, researching, and resolving legal matters within corporate legal policies to ensure that Company personnel are aware of and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Researches and is aware of related issues and changes in the law, and anticipates the potential impact of changes on the organization. Provides counsel to senior leadership, including executive management, regarding risks and possible risk mitigation plans.

Leads the legal aspect of contract negotiations. Drafts and negotiates highly complex and unique agreements, reviews legal documents, and provides recommendations. Supervises the work of outside counsel.

Uses high level of deep and broad experience to oversee the work on assignments that require a deep understanding of the company's business needs, strategy, and operations as they relate to the given area of legal specialty. Oversees and leads legal negotiation with customers and third parties.

Oversees and leads the preparation, recommendation, and execution of legal documents by analyzing, drafting, negotiating, and reviewing these documents to ensure consistency with respect to the company’s philosophy or principles with respect to risk and commercial and legal soundness.

Leads investigations and oversees the handling of claims by and against organization, and may include supervising outside counsel on third party claims and litigation. Conducts interviews, prepares reports, responds to interrogatories, and conducts litigation and pretrial work.

Has decision-making authority on legal, liability, risk, insurance, and legal compliance issues.

Oversees the review and response to insurance coverage requirements requested contractually by customers and third parties.

Oversees the planning, directing and legal management of company intellectual property matters, including, without limitations, patent matters (including applications, disputes and infringement analysis), domestic and foreign trademark matters (including registrations and maintenance), and trade secret and nondisclosure issues. Prepares reports for and advises executive management as to the company's position on intellectual property issues. Supervises the use of external legal counsel regarding intellectual property matters.

Shares knowledge in areas of special interest to the company, including, intellectual property, software licensing issues, international and domestic contract law, privacy, data protection, financial services, insurance issues, general corporate matters, servicing, vendor procurement, and other issues affecting outsourcing of financial and payment related services.

What Are We Looking For in This Role?

Minimum Qualifications

Juris Doctor Degree

Relevant Experience or Degree in: Graduate of accredited law school (including all other necessary prerequisites for gaining licensure to practice law), and maintaining qualifications and licensure throughout employment

Typically Minimum 6 Years Relevant Exp

Selected candidate can either work out of our Atlanta office or our Columbus office.

What Are Our Desired Skills and Capabilities?

Skills / Knowledge - Having wide-ranging experience, uses professional concepts and company objectives to resolve moderately complex issues in creative and effective ways. Having ownership of a sub-function, account or matrix management responsibilities, applies knowledge to meet goals, maintain relationships, propose opportunities to expand the business, and lead matrix teams. Some barriers to entry exist at this level (e.g., dept./peer review).

Job Complexity - Works on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors. Exercises judgment in selecting methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining results. Networks with key contacts outside own area of expertise. Builds on/Maintains external relationships of assigned accounts.

Supervision - Determines methods and procedures on new assignments and may coordinate activities of other personnel (Team Lead).

Emotional Intelligence - Possesses a set of competencies demonstrating the ability one has to recognize his or her behaviors, moods, and impulses, and to manage them best according to the situation. Typically, "emotional intelligence" is considered to involve emotional empathy; attention to, and discrimination of one's emotions; accurate recognition of one's own and others' moods; mood management or control over emotions; response with appropriate (adaptive) emotions and behaviors in various life situations (especially to stress and difficult situations); and balancing of honest expression of emotions against courtesy, consideration, and respect (i.e., possession of good social skills and communication skills). Selection of work that is emotionally

Personal Competence (Emotional Intelligence) - Having self-awareness; Knowing one’s internal states, preferences, resources, and intuitions. Being able to manage ones’ internal states, impulses and resources.

—Recognizes one’s emotions and their effects on themselves and others.

—Knows one’s strengths and limitations.

—Possesses a strong sense of self worth, self-esteem and capabilities.

—Emotional self-control such that disruptive emotions and impulses are kept in check.

—Maintaining integrity; acting congruently with one’s values.

—Adaptability; flexibility in handling change..

—Having an achievement orientation; striving to improve and meet a standard of excellence.

—Taking initiative; a readiness to act on opportunities

—Being optimistic and persistent; the ability to pursue goals despite obstacles and setbacks.

Social Competence (Emotional Intelligence) - Being able to productively handle relationships, both internal and external to the company. Having strong social awareness, i.e., being aware of others feeling, needs and concerns. Having strong relationship management skills; an adeptness at inducing desirable responses in others.

—Sensing others’ feelings and perspectives, and taking an active interest in their concerns; ability to have empathy.

—Having organizational awareness such that one can read emotional currents, drivers and relationships..

—Having a strong service orientation that includes anticipating, recognizing and meeting others’ needs.

—Sensing and noting others’ development needs, their strengths and weaknesses; and bolstering their abilities.

—Being able to influence, persuade, influence and guide.

—Appropriately manage conflict; negotiate and resolve disagreements.

—Work with others toward shared goals..

—Be a catalyst for change, and work to create group synergy.

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