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Greenfield, MA, USA | YMCA

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The YMCA in Greenfield is debt free, has a healthy endowment fund, a mid-six figure cash reserve and has ended in a positive financial position for the past thirty years. The staff retention rate is above average. The YMCA, hospital and community college are three of the most important nonprofits in the county. The Y operates both a membership facility and a 12-acre day camp which serves up to 140 campers per week and is located five miles west of the Y. The key programs are Prescribe the Y (a 12-week doctor referred wellness program with approximately 800 referrals per year), gymnastics, aquatics (including water therapy/fitness), 70+ group exercise classes per week, childcare, preschool, teen leader club, and summer camps. Over 300 volunteers are actively involved in our social responsibility projects (food, clothing, family assistance), and fundraising.

Salary Range: $95,000-$120,000 (salary commensurate with experience) 

Benefits: Y pays 70% of single or family health and dental insurance. YMCA contributes 6% retirement contribution and employee contributes 4% per eligibility requirements ( Additional benefit details shared with finalists. 

Residency Expectation: The new CEO is strongly encouraged to live in Franklin County.  

YMCA in Greenfield Association Facts:

Mission Statement: To provide opportunities for our members to develop character and leadership, to grow in mind, body and spirit through program participation and service, and to improve the quality of life in Franklin County.

Brief History: Since 1889 there have been YMCA programs in Franklin County conducted by volunteers trained by the Boston, MA YMCA.In 1939 the current charter was instituted, and the first director hired. The YMCA has been at 451 Main Street since 1943 with five building additions built in 1950, 1970, 1999, 2004 and 2010. 

Service Area & Demographics: Franklin County has a stable population of 70,000 however, the YMCA in Greenfield’s service area population is closer to 60,000 due to the Athol YMCA and the Northampton YMCA both being located just outside of Franklin County. Franklin County is made up of 26 towns with the largest populations being in Greenfield (17,000) and Turners Falls (7,000). Of the Y’s members, 46% live in Greenfield and the remaining 54% live in the surrounding towns and drive as much as 30 minutes to get to the Y.The county is 92% white but is known for its political diversity.Greenfield being the county’s seat, has many nonprofits and government agencies.The YMCA has partnered with many of them over the years.Franklin County has one of the lowest household income levels in the state; consequently 25-50% of our adults and children need YMCA financial aid to participate. In the past five years, the town of Greenfield has built a new high school, community (senior) center, and is planning a new library and fire station.The hospital recently opened a new surgery wing.The major employers in the county are Yankee Candle, Franklin Medical Center, Greenfield Community College and town governments.

Volunteer Leadership: 16 Board Members. Additionally, another 300 volunteers are engaged annually to help the Y deliver its mission.  

Staff: 15 full-time, 120 part-time and 10 seasonal staff. Direct reports to CEO: Health & Wellness Director, Youth & Family Director, Business Manager, Fitness & Social Responsibility Director, Gymnastics Director, Aquatics Director, Custodial Manager, Office Manager, Executive Assistant, Graphic Designer.

Membership: Membership units 3,163, members 5,484. Youth 1,274, seniors (age 55+) 1,792, adults 2,418.28% of members presently receive financial aid. 

Core Programs & Services: ‘Prescribe the Y’ is a doctor referred program with approximately 800 referrals per year, water therapy/fitness classes, gymnastics, teen leaders club, after school childcare, group exercise classes, family fun activities, social responsibility projects (annual free clothing event, food drives, community meals, adopt a family, etc.). 

 Other Y partnerships:  

Greenfield Public Schools send 16 class rooms of second through fourth graders each year for ten swim lessons as part of their school day.

The local opioid task force helps families and individuals join the Y to help with their rehabilitation. 

Financial Position:Association budget is $3M with a fiscal year of July1-June 30. Year-end reserve fund: FY2016-17 +$225,000, FY2017-18 +$75,000, FY2018-19 estimate +75,000. Debt $0, mid-seven figure endowment. Mid-six figure cash reserve.

Annual Fundraising & Financial Assistance Awarded: Raised $158,000 (includes $33,000 in state money) in 2018 with a budgeted goal of $180,000 in 2019. Annual Kids-to-Camp Golf Tournament nets $30,000-$35,000 per year. Provide over $450,000 in financial assistance and subsidies. 


Franklin County is a paradise for nature lovers and those seeking a “small town” lifestyle.The county has great biking, rafting, hiking, skiing (downhill & cross country), fishing and boating/kayaking.The housing market is very affordable, with good schools, hospital, community college and many ways to get involved in social movements.Greenfield is 30 minutes from Northampton and UMass (the largest employer in the area), 45 minutes to Springfield, one hour to Bradly Airport, two hours to Boston, and four hours to New York City.The Greenfield YMCA is part of a strong, 35 year relationship with the other eight YMCAs in Western Mass.This relationship will only increase with the new Y-USA organizational format.The state YMCA alliance of 30 Ys meets on a regular basis to continue to speak as one movement and voice in the state.

Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs

The Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs, Inc. exists to support and serve member Ys, which are all leading nonprofit charitable community service organizations, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility.By leveraging the Y brand and the strengths of Ys to speak with one voice by emphasizing our collective impact through strategic relationships the Alliance influences public policy and connection to evidenced based solutions to advance our cause and position Ys to solve critical social issues.As part of the governance structure, all Massachusetts YMCA CEOs serve on the board of directors. 


Minimum Candidate Criteria:

 Accredited 4-year college degree (required/non-negotiable).

Minimum five years prior experience in a senior management role with a YMCA or related experience at a comparable organization/company.

Proven successful track record of fiscal management for a complex organization exceeding $1M annually.

Demonstrated ability to develop and strengthen community relationships.

Proven ability to develop new programs, review and enhance programs being offered and effective in broadening engagement in the community.

Demonstrated excellent leadership and communication skills (both written and verbal) as well as personal values consistent with the YMCA mission.

Successful fundraising experience in annual campaigns.

YMCA Organizational Leader Certification (Note: Candidates not in possession of this certification have up to three years to obtain via Y-USA).

Essential Functions

BOARD EXPECTATION: The Y board seeks an experienced leader who has the requisite background and skills to achieve excellence in the following areas:

•Advocate for the Vision of the Y Serving as a Valued Community Partner:  

Actively interact with, inspire and mobilize Y members, donors, staff and volunteers and be an integral member of the community. Serve as an ambassador for the mission, cause, and vision of the Y and be seen and respected as a community leader to develop and cultivate relationships with key stakeholders developing mutually beneficial collaborations.

•Continue Strengthening & Expanding Operations with a Focus on Fiscal Sustainability: 

Demonstrate success in the ability to understand fiscal opportunities, challenges and complexities and ensure the Y grows in its financial capacity. Assess the current operation including technology and create a plan that will continue to grow and retain membership. Provide tailored programs in response to community needs. Successfully create and achieve plans, with measurable short and long-term goals. 

•Lead, Develop and Motivate the Staff Team:

Serve as a leader who can effectively hire, motivate, engage and reward staff in a positive and productive manner. Actively engage in staff development and performance leading to superior results in program delivery, member satisfaction and community outreach and engagement. Lead by example by creating and maintaining a culture of integrity, high ethical standards, and values. 

•Lead a Culture of Philanthropy and Develop Fundraising Efforts: 

Serve as the leader in fundraising efforts by working with the board to establish a plan for how the Y will increase annual contributed dollars for operations and providing financial assistance. Grow capital dollars for facility renovations and endowment. Develop public and private partnerships and resources to support operational and future needs by instilling confidence, credibility, and trust in the Y with community leaders and donors. 

•Review, Revise and Achieve the Strategic Plan:

Work effectively with the board and staff to review the current strategic plan to ensure it aligns with the vision of the Y and addresses critical community needs.Partner with the board and lead the staff in achieving strategic goals through an annual operating plan. Work with committees and volunteers to support and achieve strategies and goals. 

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