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Chief Inclusion Officer

Westborough, MA, USA | Non Profit Organization

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    Non-Profit / Social Enterprise
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    General Management
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The Chief Inclusion Officer will lead efforts to integrate and sustain the Westborough Connects diversity and inclusion efforts, situating this work centrally in order to realize the benefits to the organization and to the community as a whole. This is a new position and represents the organization’s growth and a shift away from a solely volunteer-run organization toward a more sustainable model with professional staff, contractors and highly engaged volunteers. Westborough Connects was founded, in part, due to the desire of the community to come together to celebrate its diversity and define it in a positive way. It was also organized to promote connection and conversation in order to expand awareness and empathy across difference and have meaningful and difficult conversations that are required in a connected community. 

The Chief Inclusion Officer (CIU) will be responsible for leading all strategic diversity and inclusion efforts with a broad lens. This role is responsible for attracting diverse talent to WC and developing, implementing, and managing strategies that will prepare and promote a diverse pipeline of participants, volunteers, staff and board members. In addition, this position is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with diverse groups and communities and working cross-functionally to develop metrics and accountability structures across the organization.This position will work primarily independently, though in concert with the Executive Director, contractors, Board Members, committee members, volunteers, collaborators, and other nonprofit professionals.

The CIU will also recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve the strategic goals. Specifically, the CIU will be responsible for the following:

Governance and Strategic Planning:

Follow up on the core activities identified in the grounded visioning process.

Check regularly against the diversity and inclusion related goals outlined in the grounded visioning to ensure that Westborough Connect’s work is focused and outcomes are recorded, measured and shared.

Work with the Board and staff to develop the Mission and Vision of Westborough Connects.

Collaborate with senior leaders to integrate diversity and inclusion workplace practices.

Lead the development and implementation of strategies to monitor organization-wide progress in creating a diverse and inclusive environment, including programming, board/volunteer outreach, policy and protocol development, community partnerships, and communications.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee 

Co-chair WC’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, including recruitment of members, and oversee activities and initiatives.

Assist the D + I committee in setting organizational priorities regarding diversity and inclusion, which can then be communicated to and implemented by the Board.

Reporting D + I committee activities to and liaise with the Board of Directors.

Identify and promote opportunities for its members to engage in activities that promote equity, social justice, and inclusion.

Workshops & Events:

Recommend training initiatives on cultural competency, unconscious bias, privilege and oppression, gender differences, intersectionality, disability, racial inequities, and other topics designed to increase awareness and support of equity and inclusion values.

Create protocol/guidelines to ensure diversity in program topics, speakers as well as speaker’s content, graphics and language.  

Serve as a member of the Programming Committee, or designate member(s) on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to serve as liaison to the Programming Committee. 

Ensure that there is good communication among committees to promote strategic goals. 


Serve as a member of the organization’s development committee, which is responsible for setting Westborough Connects’ fundraising goals and implementing strategies for achieving those goals.

Oversee strategy and drafting of grants to support the CIU’s salary, in particular, on those grants that relate to capacity building, particularly relating to diversity, inclusion, social justice and community organizing.

Liaise with sponsors and donors regarding events/initiatives relating to diversity and inclusion.

Research prospects for sponsors for programs/initiatives relating to diversity and inclusion.

Assist with annual appeal through mail and online channels

Examine funding sources from a diversity and inclusion lens and advocate for the cultivation of suppliers from minority-owned business/partnerships. 


Oversee all communications relating to programs and initiatives involving diversity and inclusion. 

Assist Executive Director with general team communications, as needed. 

Help develop marketing collateral, if needed.

Respond to inquiries regarding matters related to diversity and inclusion.

Represent Westborough Connects in the community, at meetings, conferences, and other events TBD

Coordinate language translation and interpreter services as necessary for the organization

Financial & Administrative:

Attend board meetings, work with treasurer to report financial to board monthly

Ensure that the organization’s budget reflects the organization’s values and that diversity and inclusion are a central part of both the budget and annual goal process.

Work with board in setting annual budgets and goals.

Personal Qualifications

Passion for Westborough Connects’ mission, visible commitment to its philosophy, values and practices to internal and external stakeholders;

Strong cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills;

Ability to effectively collaborate with others to reach mutually agreeable outcomes;

Professional ethics, discretion, and courtesy in dealing with others;

Demonstrate ability to work effectively with a culturally diverse workforce and provide leadership in organizational change.

Knowledge of the concepts of unconscious bias, intersectionality, privilege and oppression, and strong awareness of self;

Humble, curious of others, and strong cultural intelligence.

BA or equivalent degree;

Experience working with non-profit organizations a plus;

Bilingual in Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, or Mandarin a plus.

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