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Chief Medical Physicist

Pittsburgh, PA, USA | UPMC

  • Industry:
    Healthcare - Hospitals
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  • Functions:
    General Management
  • Experience:
    5-7 years
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Oversee the operations of all clinical Medical Physics services that are provided at Shadyside Hospital. Conduct all aspects of the Radiation Oncology physics including research in medical physics that is consistent with the mission and goals of the Department of Radiation Oncology, equipment calibration and commissioning, clinical support, maintenance of appropriate quality assurance for equipment and treatment delivery, compliance with radiation safety and licensing issues.


Collaborate with other UPCI Physicists in Radiation Therapy related research in the Division of Medical Physics.

Obtain and disseminate information pertaining to current practices within the field of Radiation Oncology Physics.

Oversee and manage the systematic measurement, documentation, and assurance of the physical aspects of all radiation sources/devices used in Radiation Oncology.

In conjunction with Health System ISD , ensure that the Radiation Oncology Information system is fully implemented, functional, maintained and secure.

Assist in the clinical practice of Radiation Oncology Physics and dosimetry. This includes equipment usage/selection/replacement, physics and dosimetry staff requirements/assignments/recruitment, program operation, budget preparation, and continuing review of program's policies and procedures.

Maintain a comprehensive quality assurance program that ensures patients are provided tumor localization, radiation treatment, and dose distributions as prescribed. This includes assurance of the accuracy of treatment unit parameters.

Supervise and perform acceptance testing and commissioning of all treatment-related equipment. This includes calibration of all radiation producing sources and maintenance of all information for their appropriate use.

In conjunction with BioTronics, ensure that all therapy equipment is fully maintained and serviced.

Direct the design, fabrication, and measurement of treatment beam modifiers and treatment aids.

Initiate and perform research in areas of medical physics that is consistent with the missions and goals of the Department of Radiation Oncology. Such research should be performed in close collaboration with other medical physicists, research scientists, radiation oncologists and postdoctoral research associates (i.e., clinical residents).

Provide consultation to the Radiation Oncologist on the physical and radiobiological aspect of treatment. Translate the desired treatment plan into a set of instructions for radiation therapists to execute.

Manage the compliance of NRC and State Rules and Regulations, as well as adhere to ACRO and appropriate AAPM Task Group Guidelines.

Oversee and manage the development and documentation of performance specifications, procedures, testing, tolerances, and frequency of testing for all therapy equipment.

Manage the development of treatment plans, acquisition and storage of data for treatment plans, calculation of dose distributions and machine settings for treatment delivery.

Manage the in-vivo dose measurement and use of measuring devices for verification of dose delivery to patients. Provide interpretation/consultation to the Radiation Oncologist on basis of in-vivo dosimetry.

Teach the clinical medical physics residents, the radiation oncology residents and the dosimetrists in training the physics of radiation therapy. Provide clinical and research guidance to the clinical medical physics residents.


Masters or PhD degree in Medical Physics, with at least five (5) years of solid clinical experience.

Must be certified by the American Board of Radiology in Radiation Therapy Physics or Radiological Physics, American Board of Medical Physics (ABMP). Must meet qualified expert criteria defined by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and/or State radiation agency

Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:

Act 34

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