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Chief Mission Integration Officer

Indianapolis, IN, USA | Ascension

  • Industry:
    Healthcare - Hospitals
  • Position Type:
  • Functions:
    Operations / Production
  • Experience:
    5-7 years
Job Description:
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What You Will Do

The Chief Mission Integration Officer for Ascension Technology/Digital Studios/Ascension Connect reports dually to the Vice Presidentof Mission Operations & Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Ascension

Mission Officer Responsibilities

The focus for this position is:

Influence key decisions/decision makers in light of Ascension’s Mission Vision and Values and identity as a ministry of the church this is often accomplished by establishing oneself as a senior leader within the organization and contributing to key decision making bodies.Oftentimes, ‘other duties as assigned’ from the CEO of these entities will provide ministry opportunities as well as create opportunities for acceptance on the senior leadership teams.

Determine the MI needs of entity associates, create an ongoing strategy of addressing such needs and ensure the delivery of appropriate MI services and offerings for associates whether embedded or not in Ascension’s healthcare markets, and collaboring with the mission leaders of the healthcare markets for those embedded associates.

In conjunction with the departments of Spiritual Care and Ministry Formation, work to develop and maintain a digital workplace spirituality construct so that those working remotely may have reminders of the nature of Ascension’s work as a ministry of the Church (this responsibility is a national one - beyond the associates of the entities of primary concern).Examples may include digital portals that associates access being designed in such a way as to include sacred art, symbols, holy writings, and so forth - analogous to the visual representations upon the walls, halls and rooms of Ascension’s previous physical locations.

Provide special attention to the organizational and clinical ethics needs of the entities to shape and discern the initiatives and endeavors of those entities, providing needed ethical consultation and design as needed and in conjunction with the Ethics Center of Expertise.

Collaboration with other Services mission leaders and CMIOs in the healthcare markets to efficiently contribute to and utilize MI MWF resources to achieve these above named objectives throughout our national system.

Additional experience factors to consider 

Experience in complex healthcare delivery organizations or technology delivery/services entities.

Possesses a solid understanding of world religions and the ability to articulate Catholic identity and inclusion


Cultivates Partnerships:Initiates and maintains strategic relationships with stakeholders inside and outside the Subsidiary (e.g., physicians, politicians and lobbyists, payers, suppliers and community representatives) to advance shared goals; seeks and considers stakeholder perspectives and promotes fairness in dealings with others.

Enables Environment of Work:Effectively manages informal reporting relationships; develops high-performing teams; fosters accountability; develops organizational learning capability; engages stakeholders to work across organizational and functional boundaries to promote greater efficiencies and results; effectively coordinates and aligns work streams and communications across matrix relationships.

Demonstrates Financial Acumen. Understands how organization works; knowledgeable in all factors impacting ministry (government, community, markets, technologies, competition); balances financial, operational, clinical and organizational perspectives in executing responsibilities.

Displays Strategic Influence:Creates and executes influence strategies that persuade key internal and external stakeholders to take action that will support Ascension’s Mission and strategic direction and the Subsidiary’s priorities.Proactively communicates the Mission and business case to all stakeholders.

Enables Ministry Formation:Leads holistically for Values alignment and spiritual balance; explores and develops one’s spiritual core and giftedness; leads as ministry in service to others; fosters a spirituality of work; actualizes Catholic Social Teaching in all executive functions and capacities.

Inspires and Engages People. Passionately and effectively presents a transformational vision; creates a clear and compelling view of the future state by helping others understand how clinical and ministry outcomes will be different when the vision is achieved; clearly conveys how the vision supports the Mission of Ascension.

Leads Organizational Change: Seeks (and encourages others to seek) innovative ways to improve results by transforming organizational culture, systems, or products/services; adapts strategically to emerging market demands, technology, and internal initiatives.

Makes Effective Decisions:Secures and compares information from multiple sources to identify Mission, ecclesial, business and community issues; commits to an action after considering the inputs of those impacted by the decision and weighing alternative solutions against important decision criteria and the common good.

Models Integrity and Ministry Values:Genuinely cares about people especially the poor and vulnerable; communicates openly and honestly to foster trust relationships among colleagues and those we serve;recognizes and understands that leadership is a Call to Serve Others and that this service is a Commitment to Life; fosters personal growth and demonstrates reverence.


Reports to: Ascension Services Chief Executive and Ascension VP Mission Integration Operations.

Supervises: No direct associates  

Collaborates/coordinates with: Subsidiary senior executives, leaders and Ministry-wide Functions across Ascension.Mission Integration leadership.

What You Will Need

Required experience includes the following

Five or more years of experience in a significant leadership role with strategic decision-making responsibilities.Preference for experience in healthcare or a technology delivery/servicesenvironment.

Evidence of collaborative, inspirational, influential and engaging servant leadership style.

Knowledgeable in the Catholic moral tradition.

Master’s Degree in Theology or its equivalent or a willingness to obtain such a degree beginning in the second year of employment.

Evidence of authentic and mature personal spirituality.

Effective in using adult learning models and good facilitation to engage persons in formative experience.

Evidence of commitment to serving those who live in poverty and are vulnerable.

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