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Chief Mission Integration Officer

Spokane, WA, USA | Leading Internet / Online Media Company

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    Internet / Online Media
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    General Management
    Operations / Production
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    3-5 years
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Mission is the reason we exist. The Mission Integration Officer helps to shape and influence how the Mission, values, and vision are lived out in the daily life of our ministries in Washington and Montana. This Mission Integration work touches on all aspects of organizational life including , operations and the nurturing of our people. Sustaining a culture consistent with the Mission and Values requires vigilance at all times especially during times of change and transition to maintain our Catholic identity and to ensure constant alignment with who we say we are.

In addition, specific focus areas will include:

+ Executive Leadership Participation, Regional Team

+ Mission and Values Integration

+ Formation Programs

+ Ethics services

+ Spiritual care and Clinical Pastoral Education

+ Community Benefit

+ Volunteer Services

+ Community Partnerships

The following are essential job accountabilities:

Strategic leadership and prophetic voice

+ Participates as a member of the regional senior leadership team

+ Participates in key leadership groups for and planning

+ Participates in ministry decision making

+ Organizes and facilitates the use of the PSJH Ethical Discernment Process

+ Participates in the integration of Mission and Values into policies, procedures, objectives, and service in operational areas: e.g., management development, human resources, finances, planning, advocacy/government relations, communication and marketing, community information services, etc.

+ Participates in the interview process for executive leadership in the ministry to assure Mission and values alignment. Oversees Mission integration section of the executive assimilation plan

+ Maintains effective relationship with other operational and shared services leaders as well as the Community Ministry Board, Foundation Board, and Advisory Councils. Ensures that Board members understand Mission accountability role with respect to health care as a ministry that operates a business in the community and supports Board formation in the Region

+ Serves with the regional executive as liaison with local Ordinaries (bishops).


+ Works with the system formation and Regional Executive team to ensure effective leadership formation of leaders as well as ongoing formation within the ministry, including the CMB and Foundation Boards \

+ Ensures Mission assimilation with new leaders

+ Mentors leaders in Mission integration

+ Works with local Mission integration leaders to ensure leadership formation occurs throughout the region

+ Partners with System OD on the core leaders Leadership Development and Formation program

Heritage, practices, and education

+ Oversees and participates in delivering orientation program to introduce caregivers, leaders, providers, and affiliates to the PSJH heritage, Mission and Values

+ Ensures that the ministry has effective events to help in Mission integration, for example, heritage celebrations, regular and appropriate reflections, missioning ceremonies, etc.

+ Oversees the continuation of Catholic identity within the ministry while open to the diversity of the community


+ Mission leader executive ensures that caregivers and physicians are educated regarding the Ethical and Religious Directives and Catholic Social Teaching in recruitment , onboarding and through continuous education

+ Assures the effectiveness of local ethics committees with respect to ethics consultation, education and policy development. Serves on the policy review committee.

+ Mission leader executive is informed of any critical issues that put the ministry’s identity at risk or could cause scandal in the community

+ Assures education on and compliance with the ERDs in the local ministry

+ Mission leader executive ensures that policies and procedures are in place that promote and support Catholic Social Teaching, the ethical decision making process, and the Ethical and Religious Directives (ERDS) for Catholic Health Care Services. (Examples of these policies and procedures include Financial Assistance, End-of-Life, etc)

+ Mission leader executive ensures that performance improvement processes are utilized for both clinical and organizational ethical issues

+ Ensures ongoing clinical and organizational ethics education for caregivers and leaders

+ Assists with cultural assessment, assimilation, and integration of partner organizations

Just Workplace

+ Works with HR to assure that Fair Wage policies are followed.

+ Ensures an integrated focus on supporting the Hopes & Aspirations of the Sisters of Providence and Catholic Social teachings (Human Dignity, Subsidiarity, Participation, Rights of the Worker, Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable, Solidarity)

Environmental Stewardship

+ Advocates for environmental stewardship across the region

S piritual care

+ Assures the appropriate delivery of spiritual care services for both patients and caregivers throughout the continuum of care consistent with the PSJH Standards of Excellence

+ Where applicable, oversees programs for clinical pastoral education and ensures appropriate accreditation status for the program.

Community outreach

+ assessment process and the Integration of the results into community benefit/strategic plans are completed and publicized as required

+ Maintains relationships with the leaders of other allied non-profit initiatives within the community

+ Supports regional participation in international missions


Required qualifications for this position include:

+ Must be a practicing member of the Catholic Church

+ ’s Degree in Theology, Divinity, Spirituality, Religious Studies, Pastoral Counseling, or related field of ministry.

+ Must have thorough knowledge of the teachings and principles and traditions of the Catholic Church.

+ Must have thorough understanding of Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care

+ Formal training in Ethics preferred.

+ Three of experience in health care Mission work and organizational leadership.

+ Theoretical and practical understanding, rooted in sound theology, of the Mission and values of PSJH and the health care ministry of the Catholic Church.

+ Understanding of the fundamentals of healthcare operations including the operational environment, organizational structure, human resource and financial requirements.

+ Strong commitment to serving the community and an understanding of the policies and reporting standards for charity care and community benefit.

+ Integrated and balanced personal spirituality that is aligned with PSJH as a Catholic ministry.

+ Able to articulate the connections between personal and organization spirituality and the workplace.

+ Able to engage individuals from diverse religious backgrounds in understanding and appreciating their role as leaders of a Catholic ministry while honoring their own religious or spiritual traditions.

+ Demonstration of personal and interpersonal qualities that engender confidence, trust, and credibility among peers, staff, patients and community citizens.

+ Able to lead, inspire and influence others in the pursuit of PSJH vision and strategic goals.

+ Confidence to speak the less popular but vital point of view.

+ Understanding of ethical decision-making processes and ability to apply values and principles to facilitate reflection, values clarification, and decisions that are in harmony with PSJH Mission and values and organizational policies.

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